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Crescent Arch near Salt Creek in Canyonlands National Park.
(Chris M Morris / Flickr CC)
Article: Victory May 16, 2014

Victory for Canyonlands

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a decision that prevents the state of Utah and San Juan County from turning a creek in Canyonlands National Park into a highway for off-roaders.

document April 28, 2014

Canyonlands Decision

A hiker enjoys the view along Salt Creek Canyon, with the shadow of Canyonland’s famous Angel Arch looming above.
(Eric Miraglia / Flickr Creative Commons)
Press Release: Victory April 28, 2014

Tenth Circuit Issues Key Decision Preserving Canyonlands National Park

The United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a long-awaited decision rejecting arguments by San Juan County and the State of Utah that Salt Creek Canyon in Canyonlands National Park is a state highway. Salt Creek Canyon is one of the crown jewels of Canyonlands National Park. It contains the only perennial stream in…

Article September 13, 2012

Utah's Attack On National Parks Goes To Court

Appeals court will hear arguments Wednesday in state’s war on wildlands

Article April 13, 2012

Utah Versus the National Parks

State prepares assault on national icons.

Hikers explore Salt Creek Canyon in Utah.
(Photo courtesy of Jacob W. Frank)
case: Victory November 22, 2005

Protecting Canyonlands National Park from Off-Road Vehicles

Throughout the West, especially in Utah and Alaska but elsewhere as well, local jurisdictions have attempted to use Repealed Statute 2477, a Civil War era law, to claim rights of way to streambeds and other parts of national parks, forests, monuments, and other federal lands for developments or access of various sorts. In this case,…

Press Release September 16, 2004

Utah Withdraws Much Touted R.S. 2477 Highway Claim

Groundbreaking application turns out to be fatally flawed