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Otter Creek landscape
(Alexis Bonogofsky)
Press Release: Victory March 10, 2016

Arch Coal Suspends Otter Creek Mine Project

Since 2010, Earthjustice has been challenging this mine; the following is a statement from our legal expert

Article September 30, 2011

Montana Must Consider Global Impact of Otter Creek Mine

Earlier this week, Earthjustice attorney Jenny Harbine went to court to argue that the state of Montana was legally required to consider steps to minimize the consequences of burning more than a half-a-billion tons of coal before leasing it to St. Louis-based Arch Coal, Inc. Earthjustice is representing the Montana Environmental Information Center and the…

The Otter Creek area, located in southeastern Montana.
(Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)
case January 19, 2011

Challenging The Otter Creek Coal Mine

Earthjustice is challenging Arch Coal, Inc.’s, proposal to mine a reserve of 1.3 billion tons of coal in southeastern Montana’s Otter Creek Valley. This massive strip mining operation would dirty the air and degrade water quality in an undeveloped, wildlife-rich area. At peak production, combustion of Otter Creek coal would yield 60.4 million tons of…

document January 10, 2011

Otter Creek Order 1-7-11

Montana state court has denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss case against Otter Creek Mine.

Press Release January 10, 2011

Challenge to Huge Coal Strip Mine in Montana Clears Legal Hurdle

Effort to head off environmental damage moves forward in court case

Article May 18, 2010

Montana Leases Massive New Coal Strip Mine

Otter Creek Mine may serve growing economies of Asia

document May 14, 2010

Otter Creek Complaint (5/14/10)

Complaint challenging a massive new coal strip mine in southeastern Montana.

Press Release May 14, 2010

Groups Challenge Montana's Lease of 572 Million Tons of Coal

Otter Creek would become one of the largest coal mines in North America