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document March 28, 2024

Communities intervene to defend national air quality standards from industry attacks

Health, environmental, and community organizations, represented by Earthjustice and Clean Air Task Force, filed to intervene in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent strengthening of an air standard for fine particulate matter pollution, finalized in February. This landmark standard is designed to protect public health and would address environmental injustices but is being challenged in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit by major trade associations and 25 states.

video February 21, 2024

To: The Biden Administration. From: Kids

Celia, Cymone, Jonathan, and many other kids from across the United States shared with the Biden administration why they need clean air. On Feb. 7, 2024, the Biden administration answered — with new protections from the deadly air pollutant soot that will prevent nearly a million asthma episodes and save thousands of lives.

document January 16, 2024

Community Letter on PM 2.5 Standards (Jan 2024)

Earthjustice and community groups across the country once again call for you to finalize a substantial strengthening of EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for fine particulate mater pollution (PM 2.5), also known as soot.

document July 12, 2017

Motion for Summary Vacatur Ozone delay

Health and Environmental Groups Sue EPA Over Its Delay of Clean Air Protections for Millions

An oil refinery looms over the west side of Port Arthur, TX.
(Eric Kayne for Earthjustice)
Article May 27, 2015

Big Oil: Masters of Deception and Inhumanity

The oil industry has hit a new low in cooking the numbers to stir up unwarranted fears that tighter ozone standards will negatively impact the economy.

Article March 4, 2015

Reducir el Ozono es Cuestión de Vida o Muerte

El smog, contribuye al asma la cual ha crecido significativamente en décadas recientes.

The National Wind Technology Center in Colorado.
(Dennis Schroeder / NREL)
Article December 18, 2014

A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen explains why 2015 is the year when we must resolve to quit our carbon addiction.

A mother watches over her child during treatment for asthma.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release November 26, 2014

EPA Urged to Strengthen Protections Against Smog

Reducing ozone pollution will save thousands of lives annually

Press Release January 22, 2013

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Clean Air

Rejects EPA rules that would allow more soot pollution

A child suffering from asthma.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Article: Victory December 14, 2012

Lives and Lungs Protected from Deadly Pollutant

Earthjustice litigation, on behalf of public health and environmental groups, spurred the Obama administration to set strong new standards for soot pollution—the first significant update since 1997. The new standards will annually prevent as many as 15,000 premature deaths and reduce health costs by $118 billion.

Article June 15, 2012

Spurred by Earthjustice, EPA Issues Limits for Deadly Soot

Just two weeks ago, the Environmental Protection Agency was dithering on a proposal to strengthen protections against an air pollutant that causes tens of thousands of avoidable deaths every year. Enter Earthjustice attorney, Paul Cort, who on behalf of citizen groups asked a federal judge to order the EPA to get moving. So compelling was…

Article May 31, 2012

Judge Jumpstarts Action on Deadly Soot

Nothing cuts baloney like a court order. Today, in response to a request made by Earthjustice, a federal judge gave the Environmental Protection Agency one week to sign a proposal for tightening standards on soot, an airborne mixture of tiny particles that causes tens of thousands of early deaths every year. The court’s action is…

document May 11, 2012


Brief requesting the federal court to order the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to comply with the Clean Air Act and complete the overdue review of the air pollution health standard for particulate matter also known as soot.

Press Release May 11, 2012

Groups Seek Faster Schedule for EPA Soot Rule

35,000 lives a year at stake

document October 11, 2011

Ozone Lawsuit: Earthjustice vs. EPA

Article October 11, 2011

Yes, We're Suing the EPA

Yes, we did it. For the past month several reporters have been asking us about our litigation plans following the EPA’s scrapping of a stronger ozone standard Sept. 2 as directed by the White House. Today we represent the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council and Appalachian Mountain Club in a…

document October 6, 2011

Non-attainment Ozone NOI

Press Release October 6, 2011

Groups Challenge EPA for Clean Air Delays

Dozens of regions in the nation suffer dangerous levels of ozone