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A solar carport at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The array delivers about 23 megawatt hours of clean electricity annually to the local utility grid.
(IIP Photo Archive / CC BY-NC 2.0)
case December 16, 2020

Defending Clean Energy in New Mexico

On behalf of our clients, Earthjustice has engaged in a series of legal actions to advance the rise of clean energy in New Mexico. In 2021, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, the state utility regulator, voted 5-0 to deny El Paso Electric’s application to expand their Newman Generating Station, which serves customers in the…

Press Release December 16, 2020

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Unanimously Denies Proposed Gas Plant Expansion

Commission finds the proposal in violation of the state’s renewable energy law

Workers install a solar panel.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory September 5, 2018

New Mexico Terminates Punitive Charge on Solar Customers

Commission reopens opportunity to expand solar access, reduce bills by ending SPS’s longstanding fee on solar customers

Sunny skies are the norm in southeastern New Mexico. But until recently, an unfair fee by the local utility limited local residents’ ability to embrace solar power.
(mrossbach / Getty Images)
Article: Victory September 5, 2018

New Mexico Solar Installer Joins Fight Against Unfair Fee — and Wins

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission canceled a local utility’s solar surcharge.

A house in New Mexico with solar panels
(Mary Madigan / CC BY 2.0)
Press Release: Victory August 10, 2016

Victory: New Mexico Solar Customers Avoid Unjust Rate Hike

Settlement eases amount people are penalized for generating solar energy

An electric solar collector panel soaks up the bright sun in northern New Mexico. Earthjustice and Vote Solar succeeded in preventing a southwestern utility from targeting solar customers with a rate hike.
(Centrill Media/Shutterstock)
Article November 12, 2015

Victory in New Mexico Stops Latest Case of Solar Discrimination

Faced with declining sales and increasing renewable energy usage, many utilities are taking aim at rooftop solar.

document October 28, 2015

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Order on EPE Rate Case

New Mexico Regulators reject utility’s proposal to create new rate class charging solar customers more

Solar panels on homes at Salt Lake in Oahu, Hawaiʻi.
(Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory October 28, 2015

Legal Advocacy Stops Rate Hike Targeting Residential Rooftop Solar Customers

New Mexico regulators reject utility’s proposal to create new rate class charging solar customers more