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Tahoe National Forest. The impact of off-road traffic is felt far beyond the borders of the forest.
(U.S. Forest Service Photo)
case November 25, 2013

Defending Tahoe National Forest

Conservation and recreation groups, represented by Earthjustice, took legal action to uphold a U.S. Forest Service plan that keeps motor vehicles out of sensitive natural areas in the Tahoe National Forest of northern California. The groups filed a motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit brought by off-road-vehicle users opposed to limits on cross-country driving.…

Press Release November 25, 2013

Tahoe National Forest Wins Court Protections

Court rules to restrict motorized off-road vehicles

Bosque Nacional de Tahoe.
(Miguel Vieira)
Press Release: Victory November 25, 2013

El Bosque Nacional De Tahoe Gana Protecciones Judiciales

Corte determina restringir vehículos motorizados todo terreno

document October 3, 2012

Tahoe Management Plan Memo

Press Release October 3, 2012

Public Lands Advocates Act to Defend Tahoe National Forest

Forest could lose new protections from off-road vehicle damage