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Press Release August 26, 2021

Texas Expanding Language Access for Decisions involving Pollution Permits

The new rule represents important progress in the fight for language justice

Press Release: Victory August 25, 2021

Texas Aprueba Acceso de Información en Español Para Proyectos Que Afectan Medio Ambiente y Salud

La nueva regla representa un avance importante en la lucha por la justicia lingüística

Residents who live near refineries draw attention to harmful pollution through "toxic tours" for elected officials, regulators, and community members. But more national pressure is needed to stop multi-billion dollar companies from freely polluting their communities.
Update: Victory December 11, 2020

Civil Rights Victory in Texas is a Model for Environmental Progress Nationwide

In a win for civil rights and environmental protection in Texas, the state agreed to guarantee access to information and opportunities for Spanish-language and other non-English dominant communities to participate in decisions that affect their environment and health.

The flooded Valero oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, on Sept. 1, 2017. (Alex Glostrum / Louisiana Bucket Brigade)
Press Release November 12, 2019

Texas Environmental Agency Faces Charges of Federal Civil Rights Violations

TCEQ is discriminating by failing to provide access to information in Spanish

La refinería petrolera de Valero, en Port Arthur, Texas, rodeada de agua. Septiembre 1 de 2017. (Alex Glostrum / Louisiana Bucket Brigade)
Press Release November 12, 2019

Agencia Ambiental En Texas Enfrenta Cargos por Violaciones a Derechos Civiles Federales

TCEQ discrimina al no proveer acceso de información en español