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EPA has failed to protect children from pesticides when they drift from treated fields into nearby yards, homes, schools, parks and daycare centers. (Rob Marmion / Shutterstock)
Press Release July 18, 2024

EPA Reaffirms Continued Use of Pesticide Linked to Learning Disabilities

Decision ignores established science and puts children and farmworkers at risk

A farmworker harvesting strawberries in Salinas, about 20 miles from the Pajaro Valley. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release April 4, 2024

Teachers, Community Groups, and Farmworkers File Lawsuit Challenging Toxic Pesticide Approvals Near Public Schools in Monterey County

Regulators are failing to protect children from repeat exposure to the most dangerous pesticides

feature April 9, 2024

What You Need To Know About Chlorpyrifos

The neurotoxic pesticide harms children and the environment. There are no safe uses for chlorpyrifos.

A child fills a drinking glass with water from the faucet. (Cavan Images)
Press Release April 30, 2024

EPA Proposes Banning Toxic Food Pesticide Over Drinking Water Concerns

Acephate has been linked to low IQ, attention deficit disorders, and autism 

Press Release February 3, 2023

Earthjustice Applauds Legislation to Rein In Factory Farms and Protect Farmworkers and Consumers from Harmful Pesticide Exposure

Earthjustice urges the Senate to hold the industry accountable and ensure consumer and worker safety at all levels of our food supply chain

Organophosphates are acutely toxic and associated with neurodevelopmental harms in children
(Austin Valley / CC BY 2.0)
Press Release September 20, 2023

Voices Across the U.S. Demand Ban on Brain-Harming Pesticide by Any Means Necessary

Advocates praise bill introduction in Congress and urge EPA for a full ban

(Rob Marmion / Shutterstock)
Press Release January 31, 2024

EPA Ignores the Science Linking Widely Used Herbicide to Parkinson’s Disease

At least 58 countries have banned paraquat, a highly toxic herbicide, because of its severe health harms

Lori Phillips grew up in Franklinville, New York where her family lived on a farm, growing corn and raising livestock. During the summer, the windows of her house would be open while her father sprayed a herbicide on the crops. Years later, Lori developed Parkinson’s disease. (Tina Russell for Earthjustice)
Article February 27, 2024

This Weed Killer Is Linked to Parkinson’s. Why Isn’t It Banned Yet?

Paraquat damages farmworkers’ respiratory system, their kidneys, and their eyes. Help us urge the EPA to ban it.

Press Release: Victory August 9, 2018

Court Slams EPA Failure To Protect Children And Farmworkers From Toxic Pesticide

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered to ban chlorpyrifos within 60 days

Press Release July 15, 2013

Farmworkers Come to Capitol Hill Seeking Safeguards

Farmworkers from across the nation to meet with Congress to demand basic protections from exposure to hazardous pesticides

Press Release October 30, 2020

EPA Guts Pesticide Spraying Safeguards for Farmworkers

Two million farmworkers are now more vulnerable to pesticide poisoning

The farmworkers who help bring fresh fruit and produce to your table aren’t protected by the safety standards most workers in the U.S. enjoy. Maria, a farmworker for more than two decades, stands in a California farm field. See Maria's story.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
Press Release May 30, 2018

Farmworkers Sue Trump’s EPA for Illegally Shelving New Pesticide Training Materials

Delaying pesticide training materials puts the health of workers and families at risk

A honey bee alights on a cherry blossom in Stockton, California. Bees and other insects face a global extinction crisis.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory December 13, 2023

Federal Appeals Court Rules Use of Antibiotic as Citrus Pesticide Is Unlawful, Vacates EPA Approval

The decision protects the health of farmworkers who would otherwise face heightened risk of antibiotic-resistant infections, pollinators, and imperiled species

EPA has failed to protect children from pesticides when they drift from treated fields into nearby yards, homes, schools, parks and daycare centers. (Rob Marmion / Shutterstock)
Press Release September 21, 2016

Farmworker Advocates Call For Suspension of Highly Toxic Pesticide

Advocates from across the country urge EPA to swiftly ban chlorpyrifos citing unacceptable risks to farmworkers and their families

Press Release January 29, 2014

Farmworker Organizations Applaud Progress on Updating Weak Worker Protections

Leaders call for strong standards to protect vulnerable workers from toxic exposure

Cesar E. Chavez lecturing at Colegio Cesar Chavez in 1977. During National Farmworker Awareness Week, we honor those who have brought food to our tables and advocate for stronger farmworker protections.
Article March 29, 2016

Farmworker Awareness Week: Cultivating Awareness and Celebrating Change

It’s National Farmworker Awareness Week, and people from all walks of life are taking action. They’re speaking up for their families and communities, advocating for stronger protections and redesigning agricultural practices to eliminate pesticides.

Selena and her father Miguel at the Rayburn House Building in 2013, after meeting with their representative's office.
(Matt Roth / Earthjustice)
Article January 6, 2014

Teen Lobbies for Farmworker Protections

18-year-old Selena Zelaya of Mount Dora, FL, was one of about a dozen farmworker advocates who traveled to D.C. to lobby for farmworker protections against harmful pesticides. Selena’s mother and father are farmworkers and from a young age she began advocating on behalf of them and others. Selena shares why she is so committed to the fight for farmworker protections.

A farmworker harvesting tomatoes in a Southern California field.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory March 8, 2019

Farmworker and Pesticide Protections Saved

Farmworker and environmental health advocates praise Senate for preserving pesticide rules