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Press Release July 15, 2013

Farmworkers Come to Capitol Hill Seeking Safeguards

Farmworkers from across the nation to meet with Congress to demand basic protections from exposure to hazardous pesticides

Press Release January 29, 2014

Farmworker Organizations Applaud Progress on Updating Weak Worker Protections

Leaders call for strong standards to protect vulnerable workers from toxic exposure

Article July 15, 2013

Pesticides Taking Toll on Farmworkers

Farmworkers from across the nation come to D.C. to secure safeguards from toxic pesticides

Selena and her father Miguel at the Rayburn House Building in 2013, after meeting with their representative's office.
(Matt Roth / Earthjustice)
Article January 6, 2014

Teen Lobbies for Farmworker Protections

18-year-old Selena Zelaya of Mount Dora, FL, was one of about a dozen farmworker advocates who traveled to D.C. to lobby for farmworker protections against harmful pesticides. Selena’s mother and father are farmworkers and from a young age she began advocating on behalf of them and others. Selena shares why she is so committed to the fight for farmworker protections.

Farmworkers harvest strawberries in Salinas, CA.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release August 19, 2014

More Than 200,000 People Call for Stronger Workplace Protections for Farmworkers

EPA proposal is a step in the right direction as farmworkers demand stronger rules now

Press Release: Victory August 9, 2018

Court Slams EPA Failure To Protect Children And Farmworkers From Toxic Pesticide

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered to ban chlorpyrifos within 60 days

Mario Vargas, a farmworker organizer from Ohio, his daughter Myra Vargas (middle), and Alexis Guild of Farmworker Justice walk past the U.S. Capitol in July of 2013, as they head to a meeting in the Hart Senate Office Building.
(Matt Roth / Earthjustice)
Article February 20, 2014

Farmworker Advocates Seek Stronger Pesticides Safeguard

When Mario Vargas showed up at the Washington, D.C., offices of representatives from his home state of Ohio in July of 2013, he shared stories from farmworkers who are getting sick from pesticides. Joined by his family and other farmworkers, he spoke about how it feels to inhale pesticides while pregnant, how farmworkers don’t know what their basic rights are, and how many workers are afraid to tell the truth about what is really going on in the fields.

Cesar E. Chavez lecturing at Colegio Cesar Chavez in 1977. During National Farmworker Awareness Week, we honor those who have brought food to our tables and advocate for stronger farmworker protections.
Article March 29, 2016

Farmworker Awareness Week: Cultivating Awareness and Celebrating Change

It’s National Farmworker Awareness Week, and people from all walks of life are taking action. They’re speaking up for their families and communities, advocating for stronger protections and redesigning agricultural practices to eliminate pesticides.

EPA has failed to protect children from pesticides when they drift from treated fields into nearby yards, homes, schools, parks and daycare centers.
(Rob Marmion / Shutterstock)
Press Release September 21, 2016

Farmworker Advocates Call For Suspension of Highly Toxic Pesticide

Advocates from across the country urge EPA to swiftly ban chlorpyrifos citing unacceptable risks to farmworkers and their families

The farmworkers who help bring fresh fruit and produce to your table aren’t protected by the safety standards most workers in the U.S. enjoy. Maria, a farmworker for more than two decades, stands in a California farm field. See Maria's story.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
Press Release May 30, 2018

Farmworkers Sue Trump’s EPA for Illegally Shelving New Pesticide Training Materials

Delaying pesticide training materials puts the health of workers and families at risk

Farmworkers pick strawberries in Wayne County, NY. When it comes to farmworker protection, EPA's proposal is out of touch.
(Photo courtesy of Alina Diaz / Alianza Nacional de Campesinas)
Article February 24, 2014

EPA to Farmworkers: Ask the Boss to Show You the Papers

After more than two decades, the EPA has announced revisions to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard, an outdated standard intended to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure. While advocates welcomed signs of life in progress to provide stronger protections from pesticides for approximately 2 million farmworkers, the proposal raises questions about the EPA’s understanding of the population the WPS is meant to serve.

Olga Santos returns to the strawberry field where, as a young girl, she was sprayed with toxic pesticides while eating lunch with her family.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
Article October 7, 2016

Protecting Farmworkers from a Poisonous Legacy

A petition to ban chlorpyrifos, a toxic pesticide, paves the way for even greater farmworker protections.

It's Farmworker Awareness week, and we are premiering the short film "Pesticide Lake."
(Pesticide Lake)
Article March 25, 2015

Feeling the Ripples of Pesticide Lake During Farmworker Awareness Week

It's Farmworker Awareness week, and we are proudly premiering the short film "Pesticide Lake."

Press Release November 14, 2011

EPA Asked To Strengthen Long Overdue Pesticide Protections for Farmworkers

Basic protections across all states sought

Article July 15, 2013

Farmworker Mother To EPA: We Deserve Protections

This is the second in a two part series on protections for farmworkers from pesticides. Read part one, Pesticides Taking Toll on Farmworkers, and the accompanying special feature, Pesticides: The Workplace Hazard The EPA Is Ignoring. Nobody told Reina Lemus de Zelaya that her job as a farmworker was hazardous not only to her…

feature February 28, 2018

The Federal Safety Standards That Protect Farmworkers and Their Families From The Dangers Of Pesticides

And how each of us could be affected if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guts these safeguards.

Press Release: Victory February 20, 2014

New Safeguards Seek to Protect Farmworkers from Pesticides

EPA proposes update to Worker Protection Standard for agricultural pesticides after more than 20 years of problems

Press Release: Victory June 12, 2006

EPA to Phase Out Pesticide that Poisons Farmworkers

Lawsuit forces EPA to take action to protect workers