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Press Release: Victory August 5, 2009

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Roadless Area Protections

President Obama has pledged to support and defend nationwide protections

Press Release: Victory October 21, 2011

Federal Court Reinstates Roadless Rule

Landmark ruling on wild National Forest protections

Press Release September 11, 2000

Court Rejects Timber Industry Attacks on Roadless Protection Policy

Idaho’s federal District Court has issued a ruling rejecting attempts by the timber industry and others to derail the U.S. Forest Service’s roadless area protection initiative.

feature January 17, 2019

Special Report: Two Years of Overruling the Trump Administration

The record shows that the Trump’s efforts to weaken environmental regulations are no match for the law.

feature March 3, 2020

The Fight To Defend The Sunset Roadless Area—And Our Climate

Will the Forest Service’s legacy be to protect our public lands to be enjoyed by all? Or to sacrifice them for long-term climate costs and a single coal company's short-term profits?

feature July 29, 2015

Saving the Forest for the Trees

Tongass National Forest is home to centuries-old trees and rivers flowing through thousands of islands. It is also the final forest in the fight to keep timber sales out of roadless areas.

A beaver lodge in the Sunset Roadless Area. The area is home to species including elk, bear, beaver and goshawk.
(Ted Zukoski / Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory October 29, 2020

In Colorado, Federal Judges Block Coal Mining Construction in Protected Roadless Forest

The injunction prevents Mountain Coal from further destruction of the roadless forest in the West Elk Mountains until a challenge from conservation groups is resolved

Press Release February 6, 2001

Conservationists Oppose Legal Attacks on Roadless Initiative for National Forest Lands in Idaho

Lawyers from Earthjustice and Natural Resources Defense Council filed court papers opposing two lawsuits that seek to overturn the U.S. Forest Service’s new rule protecting pristine national forest lands.

“The roadless rule will help small businesses like ours,” said Hunter McIntosh of The Boat Company, which operates a small tour business in the region. “The natural values of intact watersheds are essential for the visitor industry in Southeast Alaska. Very few folks will pay to go see clearcuts and decaying logging roads. There are thousands of jobs in Southeast Alaska in recreation and tourism. And there are thousands more in the seafood industry, which depends critically on salmon spawning streams in the old growth forests of the Tongass.”
(NancyS / Shutterstock)
Press Release: Victory July 29, 2015

Ninth Circuit Ensures Protection of Roadless Areas in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Court rejects attempts to exempt the Tongass from the Roadless Rule

page February 11, 2014

Our Team

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Document August 5, 2009

9th Circuit Roadless Ruling (08/05/09)

Federal appeals court strikes down the 2005 Bush administration phony roadless rule, reinstates the prior 2001 Clinton era Roadless Rule.

Lake Quinault and South Ridge Quinault Roadless Area, Olympic National Forest, Wash.
(Wild Trees / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Article November 13, 2013

Roadless Rule – A Victory We Must Keep on Winning

A decade after the Roadless Rule’s adoption, and years into the Obama administration, we’re still fighting to protect roadless areas.

Press Release: Victory May 28, 2009

Obama Administration Calls for Roadless Development Timeout

Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen says good first step

The Tongass National Forest, Alaska
(Earleliason / iStock)
Article July 30, 2015

Huge Victory from the Ninth Circuit Protects the Tongass National Forest

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has protected the roadless portions of the Tongass National Forest—the largest and wildest national forest—from new road-building and logging.

Lake Quinault and South Ridge Quinault Roadless Area, Olympic National Forest, Wash.
(Wild Trees / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
feature: Victory October 21, 2011

Major Victory Secures Roadless Rule

Thirteen years after Earthjustice first launched legal action, the nearly 50-million-acre heartland of America’s national forests is secure. A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of the Roadless Rule, virtually ending a politically infested process that pitted resource exploiters against the vast majority of citizens who rely upon these pristine lands for recreation and repose.

Press Release: Victory September 20, 2006

Court Reinstates Roadless Rule

Almost 50 million acres of national forests and grasslands once again protected

Press Release: Victory February 16, 2012

Federal Appeals Court Refuses to Reconsider Roadless Rule

Landmark ruling on wild national forest protections stands

Press Release December 23, 2020

Lawsuit Takes Aim at Trump Administration Decision to Gut Tongass National Forest Protections

Time is running out to curb carbon emissions, but Tongass logging will only make climate change worse