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Document August 22, 2023

Lead Wheel Weights Petition (Aug 2023)

Public health advocates represented by Earthjustice today sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its unreasonable delay in regulating lead wheel weights, despite granting the advocates’ 2009 petition requesting regulation of the manufacture, processing, and distribution of lead wheel weights.

A youth scientist who spoke to the U.S. EPA to ask the agency to ban lead wheel weights holds up a fragmented part of a lead wheel weight found a block from the U.S. EPA building along Constitution Ave., in Washington D.C. (Matt Roth for Earthjustice)
Press Release August 22, 2023

Advocates Declare ‘No More Delay,’ Sue EPA for Stalled Lead Wheel Weight Regulation

Millions of pounds of lead wheel weights contaminate the environment, exposing people to a highly toxic heavy metal

Lead-based paint disintegrates over time and contaminates dust throughout homes or schools; lead in soil around these buildings also leads to children’s exposure. (M.R. / CC BY-ND 2.0)
Update August 4, 2023

EPA Proposes New Rule That Would Help Protect Kids from Lead Dust

After a decades-long battle, the EPA has proposed a rule that would deem any amount of lead dust found in schools, daycares, and homes to be a “lead hazard.”

Press Release July 31, 2023

Lawsuit Targets Harmful Lead Ammunition in National Wildlife Refuge System

Research shows lead ammunition harmful to both wildlife and human health

Document July 31, 2023

Lead Ammunition Complaint – Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Groups filed suit in United States District Court for the District of Columbia challenging a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision to cancel its plans to phase out lead ammunition at Canaan Valley National Wildlife

Leaded gas used in small airplanes is commonly referred to as “avgas.” It is the single largest source of lead emissions in the country. (Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock)
Press Release July 20, 2023

Congress Must Not Enable More Lead Poisoning in Our Communities

Both versions of the FAA Reauthorization would require airports to continue providing leaded avgas, despite recent EPA progress to phase out its use

Document July 18, 2023

No Excuses, NYC: Replace Lead Drinking Water Pipes Now

A project of the New York City Coalition to end lead poisoning

The report, "No Excuses, NYC: Replace Lead Drinking Water Pipes Now," estimates that one in five New Yorkers may be drinking water transported through lead service lines.
Press Release July 18, 2023

Report: An Estimated One in Five New Yorkers May Be Drinking Water from Lead Service Lines

Staggering borough and neighborhood lead line data show urgency to act

Lead-based paint disintegrates over time and contaminates dust throughout homes or schools; lead in soil around these buildings also leads to children’s exposure. (M.R. / CC BY-ND 2.0)
Press Release: Victory July 12, 2023

EPA Eyes Tighter Lead Dust Standards for Homes and Schools

Agency finally recognizes that exposure to lead at any level is hazardous

From the Experts May 24, 2023

Parents have a right to know: New York Pending Bill Aims to Prevent Childhood Lead Exposure and Close Regulatory Loophole

This Mother’s and Father’s Day let’s help end the 100% preventable childhood toxic lead exposure; every child deserves a safe, lead-free home

Press Release May 2, 2023

Earthjustice Statement: New York Governor and Legislature Finalize SFY2024 Budget

Major wins for climate action: New York to adopt first-in-nation all-electric new buildings mandate; NYPA authority to build public renewable energy and fossil fuel power plant retirement

In the News: Grist March 22, 2023

The Ground Beneath Their Feet

Eve Gartner, Managing Attorney, Toxic Exposure and Health Program, Earthjustice: “Communities around the country are suffering lead exposure from soil because EPA has dropped the ball for decades.”

Press Release February 2, 2023

Earthjustice Statement: New York Gov. Hochul Releases 2024 State Executive Budget Proposal

Governor’s budget offers starting points on critical Issues, but final budget must go bolder

Press Release January 27, 2023

Earthjustice Applauds Formation of White House and EPA Lead Service Line Replacement Partnership

As many as 22 million people drink water from lead

Press Release January 24, 2023

Niños en E.E.U.U. Usan y Juegan con Productos de Maquillaje Potencialmente Tóxicos, Revela Estudio de la Universidad de Columbia y Earthjustice

Menores de 12 años o más jóvenes pueden estar expuestos al plomo, el asbesto y otras sustancias químicas tóxicas a través del maquillaje y productos para uso personal

Press Release January 10, 2023

Earthjustice Statement: 2023 New York State of the State

Governor Hochul renews pledge for all-electric new construction, transition into zero-emissions future, highlighted investment in water infrastructure, and protections for impacted communities

Press Release December 9, 2022

EPA to Reconsider Stronger Rules for Lead in Drinking Water

Agency asks court to allow revisions and new rulemaking for the Lead and Copper Rule

Document December 9, 2022

Opening Brief – LCR Challenge, UPAL et al

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed a court motion for remand to revisit and reassess the revisions it made to the Lead and Copper Rule during the Trump Administration. The Lead and Copper rule, or LCR, regulates the control and monitoring of lead in drinking water. The EPA is asking for the remand in response to a challenge brought by Earthjustice a on behalf of civil rights and environmental groups, for not protecting children’s health and the safety of the drinking water that millions of people living in the United States rely on. There were additional challenges filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and 9 state Attorneys General and the District of Columbia.