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Document September 18, 2023

Earthjustice Clients’ Complaint for EPA Missing TSCA Review Deadlines

This complaint details the clients reasons for suing EPA for missing its risk review of 22 toxic chemicals.

Press Release September 18, 2023

Health and Environmental Justice Advocates Sue EPA to Force Action on Overdue Toxic Chemical Reviews

EPA missed its deadlines to evaluate twenty-two toxic chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act

Coho salmon returning from its years at sea to spawn, seen near the Suquamish Tribe's Grovers Creek Hatchery. 
(K. King / USFWS)
Article August 1, 2023

What’s Killing the Salmon in Our Urban Streams? A Mystery is Now Solved.

A chemical called 6PPD that’s found in tires is devastating aquatic life.

Coho salmon returning from its years at sea to spawn, seen near the Suquamish Tribe's Grovers Creek Hatchery. 
(K. King / USFWS)
Press Release August 1, 2023

Tribes Petition Environmental Protection Agency to Ban Toxic Chemical from Tires

Water contamination from 6PPD use in tires imperils salmon recovery

Press Release April 20, 2023

EPA Proposes Ban on Many Uses of Deadly Solvent

The rule would prohibit dozens of widespread methylene chloride uses, restrict others

Document April 7, 2023

EPA Chevron Challenge

Earthjustice’s challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to allow Chevron USA to manufacture highly carcinogenic chemicals to make fuels.

Press Release April 7, 2023

Community Sues EPA for Allowing Production of Petrochemical Fuel Despite Extreme Cancer Risk

EPA approved Chevron USA’s request to make the fuel despite the up to 1 in 4 cancer risk it poses to a fenceline community in Pascagoula, Mississippi

In the News: Politico March 31, 2023

GOP energy package would revamp landmark toxics law

Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz, Attorney, Toxic Exposure & Health Program, Earthjustice: “This is the broadest and most direct assault on the 2016 TSCA amendments since they were passed.”

A natural gas flare from an offshore oil drilling rig in Cook Inlet, Alaska.
(Paul Souders / Getty Images)
Press Release March 30, 2023

Republican Polluter Priorities Bill Worsens Climate Change and Environmental Injustices

Earthjustice urges House of Representatives to reject H.R. 1

Document February 6, 2023

Testimony of Raul Garcia: Energy and Commerce Hearing

Testimony of Raul Garcia, Legislative Director for Healthy Communities, Earthjustice, before the United States House of Representatives Joint Energy, Climate, and Grid Security Subcommittee and Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials Subcommittee Legislative Hearing: “Unleashing American Energy, Lowering Energy Costs, and Strengthening Supply Chains.”

Press Release December 21, 2022

EPA to Reconsider Common Herbicide Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Dozens of countries have banned paraquat because of its toxicity to the human nervous system and other health risks

Press Release October 13, 2022

Half of “Forever Chemicals” in Commerce Approved through EPA Loopholes

Community and advocacy groups petition agency to take 600 PFAS off the market immediately

Document October 12, 2022

Petition to remove half of “forever chemicals” in commerce

Earthjustice, on behalf of a coalition of environmental organizations and community advocates, filed a petition with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), urging the agency to revoke the approval and order manufacturers to take off the market 600 PFAS — about half of the PFAS in commerce. EPA approved these toxic “forever chemicals” and allowed them to be sold through illegal use of exemptions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Document February 3, 2022

2020 TRI Preliminary Data: Report and Recommendations on PFAS

On October 20, 2021, EPA released the final 2020 Toxics Release Inventory (“TRI”) dataset. This dataset reflects information submitted to EPA in the first TRI reporting cycle since per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) were added to the TRI by the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

Document January 20, 2022

PFAS TRI Loopholes

Three national advocacy organizations represented by Earthjustice, sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in federal court, to force the agency to close illegal loopholes that let chemical plants and military bases across the United States avoid disclosing their PFAS emissions into the environment during manufacturing or use of these cancer-causing chemicals

Press Release January 20, 2022

EPA sued over PFAS “secrecy” reporting loopholes

Companies and military bases keep their PFAS pollution secret thanks to EPA-created loopholes

In the News: The Intercept November 1, 2021

EPA Withheld Reports of Substantial Risk Posed by 1,240 Chemicals

Eve Gartner, Managing Attorney, Toxic Exposure & Health Program, Earthjustice: “It is not easy to keep selling your chemicals when people know they likely cause cancer or other serious disease.”

In the News: Chemical & Engineering News July 8, 2021

Big changes afoot for US chemical risk evaluations

Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz, Attorney, Toxic Exposure & Health Program, Earthjustice: “None of the first 10 risk evaluations satisfied EPA’s statutory obligations or provided a complete and accurate picture of the chemicals’ true risks.”