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A crane lifts a wind turbine rotor onto a tower north of Abilene, Texas. (Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images)
Update May 1, 2024

The Biden Administration Has Revived the People’s Environmental Law

Final updates to National Environmental Policy Act ensure that communities will not be sacrificed as clean energy infrastructure ramps up.

The now-closed Waukegan Generating Station, on the shore of Lake Michigan in Waukegan, Illinois. The coal fired power plant still has unregulated coal ash ponds threatening the environment. (Jamie Kelter Davis for Earthjustice)
Update April 25, 2024

New Rule Will Force Cleanup of Hundreds of Toxic Coal Ash Dump Sites

A major victory for communities living near coal ash plants, the rule closes a loophole that left over half of coal ash exempt from federal clean-up requirements.

The former Crist Power Plant near Pensacola, Florida, in 2022. (Art Wager / Getty Images)
Update April 25, 2024

Why the EPA’s New Carbon Pollution Standards for Power Plants Matter

The EPA has announced new carbon pollution standards for power plants. Here’s what’s at stake.

 Caribou make their way across the Lake Teshekpuk area of northern Alaska. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
Update April 19, 2024

New Rules Protect Millions of Acres of Alaska’s Western Arctic from Future Oil Drilling

Over 10 million acres of ecologically sensitive land is now off limits to oil and gas drilling

An abandoned well leaks oil onto the surface in West Texas in 2023. (Elizabeth Conley / Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)
Update April 12, 2024

Oil and Gas Companies Will Have to Pay More to Drill on Public Land

A new federal rule will better protect communities and the environment, while better protecting taxpayers’ money and helping the agency manage public lands for their highest value.

Drinking water is one of the most common routes of exposure to PFAS. PFAS have polluted the tap water of at least 16 million people in 33 states and Puerto Rico, as well as groundwater in at least 38 states.
(Yipeng Ge / Getty Images)
Update: Victory April 10, 2024

New Limits on PFAS in Drinking Water Will Protect Communities Across the U.S.

Highly toxic PFAS chemicals are present in the drinking water of as many as 200 million Americans.

People enjoy a sunny afternoon in a Los Angeles park with a view of the downtown skyline. (Chris Delmas / AFP via Getty Images)
Update March 29, 2024

We’re on Our Way to Court to Defend a New Standard That Protects Us from Deadly Air Pollution

After hearing from the public, including 32,000 Earthjustice supporters, the EPA delivered stronger air quality protections.

Driving an electric car in the Holland Tunnel in New York City. Because electric vehicles are more efficient in converting energy to power cars and trucks, electricity across the board is cleaner and cheaper as a fuel for vehicles, even when that electricity comes from the dirtiest grid. (Mecky / Getty Images)
Update March 20, 2024

EPA Drives the Transportation Sector Forward with New Car Pollution Standards

Here’s what the standards will do for health and climate.

View from Deer Mountain Trail in Tongass National Forest, Alaska. (Mark Meyer / U.S. Forest Service)
Update March 19, 2024

We Must Continue to Defend America’s Largest Old-Growth Forest

Earthjustice is in court fighting the state of Alaska and industry representatives as they try to undo the safeguards that keep the Tongass standing.

Fishing skiffs tied up on the riverbank along the Kuskokwim River in the village of Akiachak, Alaska. (Design Pics Inc / Alamy)
Update March 19, 2024

Alaska Native Communities Are Standing up to a Gold Mine

Represented by Earthjustice, six Tribes are challenging the proposed Donlin Mine project in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Loggerhead sea turtles are among the marine creatures vulnerable to seismic testing for gas and oil.
(Vladimir Wrangel / Getty Images)
Update March 19, 2024

13,000 Sea Turtle Deaths a Year Is Too Many

Earthjustice is in court challenging a Trump-era allowance that says drillers can kill thousands of turtles a year and harm many more.

A Rice’s whale, one of Earth’s rarest whales. (Lisa Conger / Beth Josephson / Permit #21938 / NOAA Fisheries)
Update March 19, 2024

Less Than 100 Left: Help Save the Rice’s Whale From Extinction

Earthjustice fights to protect endangered species like the Gulf of Mexico Rice’s whale and the habitats they need to survive.

Clean Air Laredo Coalition and Rio Grande International Study Center rally in front of Midwest Sterilizer facility in Laredo, TX. The facility ranks among the most polluting facilities in the nation of ethylene oxide emissions. (RGISC)
Update March 14, 2024

Industry Is Trying to Weaken Regulations on Cancer-Causing Emissions

The EPA has finalized stronger rules on the cancer-causing emission ethylene oxide.

Alyssa Anderson, a second-generation beekeeper, works with bee hives in a California orchard. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Update: Victory March 12, 2024

Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Insecticide

A California court ruled in favor of beekeepers represented by Earthjustice, shielding pollinators from the pesticide sulfoxaflor.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler testifies during the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing titled Oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2022. (Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)
Update March 6, 2024

Government Requires Greater Transparency on Climate-Related Financial Risk

The climate crisis poses major financial risks to companies and investors. This new rule will bring transparency to the market, protecting investors, and allowing them to make better investment decisions.

The Puyallup River, with Mount Tahoma (Rainier) in the background. (David Seibold / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Update February 22, 2024

In a Win for Endangered Salmon, Court Orders Puyallup River Dam Removal

Electron Dam has been harming Chinook salmon, steelhead, and trout for nearly 100 years. With part of the dam gone, the river will flow naturally for the first time in almost a century.

Female panther at the Picayune Strand State Forest in Collier County.
(Tim Donovan / Florida Fish & Wildlife)
Update February 20, 2024

Florida’s Wetlands Win Protections in Court

The ruling halts two massive development projects that would have disturbed the last remaining habitat of the critically endangered Florida panther.

A large liquified natural gas transport ship sits docked in the Calcasieu River on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, near Cameron, Louisiana. (Jon Shapley / Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)
Update January 26, 2024

Why the Biden Administration’s Shift on Gas Exports is a Big Deal

This change halts Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) and at least 13 other proposed gas export projects.