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After years of inaction by the federal government, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed long-overdue limits on six PFAS in drinking water. (Getty Images)
feature February 29, 2024

Inside EPA’s Roadmap on Regulating PFAS Chemicals

Toxic “forever chemicals” remain laxly regulated.

A sign warns visitors from a contaminated stream in Fort Edward, N.Y. Trichloroethylene (TCE) was dumped by a nearby factory into the ground. The toxic chemical subsequently entered the underground soil and water aquifers in a plume area underneath homes in the neighborhood. (Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images)
feature February 28, 2024

What you should know about trichloroethylene

The carcinogenic chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) has contaminated drinking water for decades and been linked to cancer clusters across the country.

(James Olstein for Earthjustice)
feature February 28, 2024

Right To Zero: Building a Zero-emissions Future

We’re creating a zero-emissions reality from coast to coast.

The Cheswick Generating Station in 2010. Prior to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, oil-burning and coal-burning power plants largely avoided restrictions on emissions of hazardous air pollution. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature February 7, 2024

Historic Environmental Protections are Up Against the Deadline

The Biden administration must get rulemakings over the finish line this spring to solidify climate and health protections ahead of political uncertainty.

Map of soot air pollution by county in 2022. (Air Quality System Data / U.S. EPA)
feature February 7, 2024

Mapping Soot and Smog Pollution in the United States

How is the air where you live?

Sharon Lavigne, front, is fighting to keep a petrochemical plant out of her Louisiana community.
(Photo courtesy of Julie Dermansky)
feature January 23, 2024

Cancer Alley Rises Up

An overburdened community unites against Big Oil’s next big play.

In Louisiana's 'Cancer Alley, a cemetery stands in stark contrast to the chemical plants that surround it.
(Photo by Julie Dermansky)
feature January 23, 2024

How Big Oil is Using Toxic Chemicals as a Lifeline – and How We Can Stop It

Petrochemicals are an environmental and public health disaster. What you need to know.

(Peter Arkle for Earthjustice)
feature January 16, 2024

What’s Your Electric Vehicle Personality? Take Our Quiz.

All types of vehicle personalities have a place in the clean energy transition.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> Download the infographic.</a> (Illustration by Peter Hoey for Earthjustice)
feature January 3, 2024

A Rooftop Solar System is the Solution for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico gets enough sun to provide more than four times its energy needs.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Discargar en PDF.</a> (Peter Hoey para Earthjustice)
feature January 3, 2024

Un Sistema de Energía Solar en Techos es la Solución Para Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico recibe suficiente sol para satisfacer más de cuatro veces su suministro energético.

Changemakers call for the EPA to hold utilities accountable for their coal ash pollution, on the day of an in-person public hearing held by the agency in Chicago on Jun. 28, 2023. (Jamie Kelter Davis for Earthjustice)
feature December 22, 2023

‘Do Your Job, EPA’: Stories From the Frontlines of Coal Ash

By law, before government regulations are adopted or changed, agencies must ask the public — you — to weigh in.

For six years, Arecibo residents have used NEPA to halt a waste-to-energy incinerator, which a corporation wants to build in an area already contaminated with lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. (Alejandro Davila / Earthjustice)
feature December 20, 2023

La Lucha Por Una Transición Energética Limpia en Puerto Rico

Earthjustice trabaja en nombre de grupos ambientales, laborales y de la sociedad civil en Puerto Rico para acelerar la transición a un sistema distribuido de energía renovable que garantice el acceso a fuentes limpias para todos sus habitantes.

For six years, Arecibo residents have used NEPA to halt a waste-to-energy incinerator, which a corporation wants to build in an area already contaminated with lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. (Alejandro Davila / Earthjustice)
feature December 20, 2023

The Fight for a Clean Energy Transition in Puerto Rico

Earthjustice is working on behalf of environmental, labor, and civil society groups in Puerto Rico to accelerate the transition away from dirty fossil fuels in favor of a distributed renewable energy system that ensures access to clean energy for all Puerto Ricans.

Earthjustice attorney Yasmine Agelidis speaks at a rally for electric school buses outside the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters in 2022. (Hannah Benet for Earthjustice)
feature December 20, 2023

2023: An Electrifying Year for Earthjustice

With your support, this year, we made game-changing progress to electrify everything on wheels, from cars and trucks to buses and trains, and more.

(U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
feature December 20, 2023

2023: Another Big Year Defending the Arctic

With your support, this year, we kept up the fight to preserve Arctic lands and waters that are critical to the survival of wildlife, culturally important to Indigenous peoples, and serve as vital bulwarks against climate change.

Sockeye salmon in Little Redfish Lake Creek, a tributary of the Snake River. (Neil Ever Osborne / Save Our Wild Salmon)
feature December 14, 2023

Timeline: A Long Fight to Restore Snake River Salmon

Learn about the major events, court rulings, and where we are now in this long-standing fight.

A dunlin searches for food among short green grasses in the Western Arctic, in the area close to Lake Teshekpuk. (Kiliii Yuyan for Earthjustice)
feature December 11, 2023

2023: A Year in Earthjustice

Together, we achieved extraordinary wins for the earth and its people. Thank you.

feature November 29, 2023

Zero to 100

We are running out of time to avoid climate catastrophe. It’s time to go Zero to 100.