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March 30, 2004 | Case

Dioxin Discharge in Bay

In 2000, a regional water quality control board raised by five times the amount of dioxin the Tesoro Revinery is allowed to discharge into San Francisco Bay. Dioxin is the most toxic synthetic chemical known.

March 4, 2004 | Case

Protecting the Humpback Chub

The population of humpback chub in the Grand Canyon has fallen by two-thirds since the species was protected 30 years ago. The reason: Glen Canyon Dam and invasive species. The recovery plan for the chub is totally inadequate to the task. Earthjustice is in court to force a better plan.

March 2, 2004 | Case

Cleaning Up New York Coal Plants

When EPA refused to veto operating permits for two New York coal plants that were violating their emission limits, Earthjustice sued and won a critical lawsuit that affirmed the agency’s duty to act.

February 26, 2004 | Case

Ohio Clean Air Act Enforcement

Many industrial facilities in Ohio emit illegal amounts of air pollution, operating with illegal permits or no permits at all. The Environmental Protection Agency should have taken steps long ago but has failed to so do. Earthjustice is suing to force the agency to do its job.