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October 9, 2000 | Press Release

Conservationists Challenge Government Wolf-Killing Program

A broad coalition of conservation, animal welfare, and hunting groups served notice they will sue to stop the indiscriminate killing of endangered gray wolves in Northwest Montana by federal agents.

October 4, 2000 | Press Release

Senate Introduces Strong Endangered Species Bill

The U.S. Senate introduced a strong Endangered Species Act reauthorization bill that supporters believe sets a positive tone for next year's debate on one of the nation's most important environmental laws.

September 11, 2000 | Press Release

Earthjustice Files Brief in Defense of Clean Air Act

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, acting on behalf of the American Lung Association, filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court opposing industry attempts to require national air quality standards to be set through cost-benefit analysis.

September 9, 2000 | Press Release

Suit Filed to Strengthen Air Pollution Controls

Earthjustice filed suit in federal court in an attempt to force the Environmental Protection Agency to strengthen air pollution regulations in 15 communities throughout the nation.

September 8, 2000 | Press Release

Critical Habitat Proposed for Twain's Jumping Frog

The Fish and Wildlife Service's announcement that almost 5.4 million acres of frog habitat will be designated as "critical habitat" under the Endangered Species Act is a major leap forward for the preservation of the California red-legged frog.