Caitlyn Brandt


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Caitlyn Brandt joins the Tribal Partnerships Program and Rocky Mountain Office as a Litigation Assistant. Caitlyn graduated from Appalachian State University in 2014 where she studied processes of decolonization. She continued her graduate studies at University of Colorado Boulder where she studied the role of religious rhetoric in legal arguments by tribes against the Dakota Access Pipeline as a form of decolonization. Caitlyn graduated in 2017 with her master’s degree in religious studies. After graduating, Caitlyn began to build experience in law firms before joining Earthjustice in 2021. She brings an extensive knowledge of American Indian history and cultural traditions to the Tribal Partnerships Program.

Having grown up in Florida, Caitlyn enjoys experiencing all the seasons in Colorado—especially Fall. She enjoys reading, camping, and has been trying to train her cat to go hiking on a leash.