Robyn Winz

Senior Research and Policy Analyst Washington, D.C. Office

Robyn Winz, Senior Research and Policy Analyst, Washington, D.C. Office, Earthjustice.

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Zahra Ahmad
Public Affairs and Communication Strategist

Robyn Winz is a senior research and policy analyst in the Washington, D.C. office.

The Latest from Robyn Winz

Out of focus people in the foreground with the Los Angeles skyline behind them, in focus, on a sunny day with clouds in the sky.
October 10, 2023

Putting Industry Claims to Rest: Data Reveals Economic Success Amidst Clean Air Rules

Major cities saw simultaneous economic growth and cleaner air over the last decade.
A haze of smog covers the Port of Houston.
October 24, 2019

As New Study Shows Smog’s Deadly Effects, Court Orders EPA to Protect Public

Breathing smog can be as bad for you as smoking. The good news is, a court rejected EPA’s plan to let the air stay dirty.