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A Line In The Sand

Coal ash is the toxic waste created by coal-fired power plants. It is polluting communities all across America. This is the story of one of those places: La Belle, Pennsylvania.

A Line in the Sand

The citizens of La Belle are currently fighting to clean up the coal ash pollution in their community. They are working together with Citizens Coal Council, Environmental Integrity Project and Public Justice.

Take action to help communities like La Belle and clean up the toxic waste known as coal ash.

Earthjustice is fighting for strong coal ash protections for all Americans. Learn more.

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Clean Up Coal Ash

Coal ash is the hazardous waste that remains after coal is burned. Dumped into unlined ponds or mines, the toxins from coal ash readily leach into drinking water supplies.

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A small community was promised a recreational dream. Instead, they got a toxic nightmare. In this video, watch their battle against coal ash, a toxic waste that is polluting hundreds of similar communities across America.