Stop Trump From Repealing The Clean Power Plan

Adopted after nearly a decade of scientific study, policy analysis and public input, the Clean Power Plan provides essential standards to cut carbon pollution from power plants—our biggest carbon polluters.

On Oct. 10, EPA Administrator Pruitt proposed to repeal those standards by adopting a cramped interpretation of the Clean Air Act that would constrain the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. He is seeking to codify the same legal argument that he advanced as Oklahoma’s attorney general, when he and his fossil fuel allies sued the EPA over the Clean Power Plan. Now that he heads the agency, he is hoping to bypass the courts and hand industry a legal victory with very real consequences for the climate. But as our country’s leaders refuse to rise to this challenge of acting on climate change, Earthjustice will be working to hold them accountable in court.

Who loses if we lose the Clean Power Plan? Everyone. Because the Clean Power Plan is a key driver for climate solutions around the world. Learn more.