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The bald eagle is just one of the species that the Endangered Species Act has saved from extinction.

A small yet vocal group of congressmen are gearing up this summer to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Campaign finance records of these lawmakers reveal that they have all taken significant money from extractive industries frustrated by the law’s protection of critical habitat for endangered species.

A pair of Mexican gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) look out over a snowy ledge.

In his essay Thinking Like A Mountain, legendary conservationist Aldo Leopold describes a time in his youth when he “had never heard of passing up a chance to kill a wolf.” But as he watched the “fierce green fire” fade from a dying wolf’s eyes, he began to doubt the wisdom of that philosophy.

Clear cut logging operations have already devastated forests in Oregon. This bill will allow even larger areas to be razed for timber production without public comment.

Earthjustice is working to defeat a bill recently introduced in Congress called the “Resilient Forest Act of 2017” (H.R. 2936).  Far from a forest protection act, the proposed law is a gift to the timber industry.

Congress is trying to swiftly move this bill forward—it already passed the House Natural Resources Committee and will soon be headed to the House floor for a vote.

Operaciones de petróleo y gas cerca de zonas residenciales en Colorado.

An English version is available here.

Earthjustice demandó este mes a la Oficina de Administración de Tierras (BLM, por sus siglas en inglés) por demorar regulaciones contra el gas metano, uno de los principales causantes del efecto invernadero  que amenaza la salud de millones de personas y el clima del planeta.

El 6 de agosto de 2012, un incendio y una explosión en una refinería Chevron en Richmond, California, causó que 15,000 personas necesitaran tratamiento médico.

An English version is available here.

Pam Nixon vive en una zona de West Virginia que llaman "Valle Químico", rodeada de industrias que manejan químicos tóxicos e inflamables. Durante los 65 años que ha vivido allí, ella ha tenido que refugiarse en casa y sellar sus ventanas repetidas veces por alertas de fugas químicas.

Abbie Dillen, Earthjustice VP of Litigation for Climate and Energy

“Sometimes there’s virtue in having no choice but to fight like hell, and that’s this moment,” says Abbie Dillen, Earthjustice’s vice president of litigation for climate and energy.

Dillen uses the law to make way for clean energy by outmaneuvering the fossil fuel industry, with the goal of halting the most devastating impacts of climate change.


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