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Southern Resident J pod, Admiralty Inlet in 2011. (Susan Berta / Orca Network)
Southern Resident J pod, Admiralty Inlet in 2011.  (Susan Berta / Orca Network)

VP for Litigation Patti Goldman discusses efforts to protect the orca whales of Puget Sound, WA, whose existence is threatened by toxic contamination and starvation.

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Series: The Ocean Ecosystem
(David Doubilet /
Steve Roady.

Attorney Steve Roady discusses Earthjustice's decades-long effort in using federal environmental laws to protect the oceans from pollution, overfishing, habitat loss and climate change.

Andrea Treece.

Attorney Andrea Treece discusses her work to protect forage fish species, like anchovies and sardines, which serve as the building blocks of the ocean food web.

Patti Goldman.

Vice President of Litigation Patti Goldman discusses efforts to protect the orca whales of Puget Sound, Wash., whose existence is threatened by toxic contamination and starvation.

Roger Fleming.

Attorney Roger Fleming discusses his work with local fishermen to promote healthy ocean ecosystems along the East Coast.

David Doubilet.

David Doubilet, an underwater photographer for National Geographic, discusses his first-hand experience with how ocean stressors negatively impact the aquatic environment.

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Doug Chadwick. (Rick Yates)

Douglas H. Chadwick discusses how climate change is threatening the existence of the elusive wolverines.

Sandra Steingraber.

Steingraber discusses the need for meaningful reform of toxics regulation and why extreme energy extraction must end.

Bill McKibben.

Bill McKibben, founder of, talks about building a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Dr. Alan H. Lockwood.

Dr. Alan Lockwood discusses coal's dirty characteristics and why cleaning up air pollutants could result in trillions of dollars of health-related benefits in the United States.

Marianne Engelman Lado.

Marianne Engelman Lado discusses confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and their effects on people's health and the environment.

Florian Schulz.

Acclaimed photographer Florian Schulz discusses his experiences in the rapidly changing Arctic.

Deborah Goldberg.

Deborah Goldberg discusses the Northeast regional office's litigation on fracking, a controversial form of gas drilling that can contaminate the air and water..

Attorney, International,
and Guests
On Thin Ice:
Ice Melt in the Arctic
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Chukchi Sea, Alaska. (Florian Schulz /

Earthjustice staffer Jessica Knoblauch reports on the record-breaking ice melt that's occurring in the Arctic.

David Henkin.

Attorney David Henkin discusses his work to force the U.S. Army to stop live-fire training exercises at a culturally and ecologically important site on Oʻahu.

Series: GMOs
Paul Achitoff.

Managing Attorney Paul Achitoff discusses how genetically engineered crops harm the environment by increasing pesticide use, creating superweeds and contaminating other crops.

Frank Morton.

Farmer Frank Morton discusses his battle to keep GMOs from contaminating his organic seed crops and ruining his business.

Charles Benbrook.

Pesticide policy expert Charles Benbrook explains how genetically engineered crops have spawned the creation of superweeds that destroy entire crop fields.

George Kimbrell.

Environmental health attorney George Kimbrell discusses the food safety implications of genetically modified crops, which aren't labeled in the U.S. and are poorly regulated.

Series: Crown of the Continent
(Gene Sentz)
Managing Attorney, Rocky Mountains Protecting America's Last Wild Places » Go To Episode
Tim Preso.

Managing Attorney Tim Preso discusses climate change impacts in one of America's last wild places, the Crown of the Continent.

Dan Fagre.

Research ecologist Dan Fagre discusses how climate change in the Crown of the Continent could result in a glacier-free Glacier National Park by 2030.

Gene Sentz.

Conservation activist Gene Sentz discusses his decades-long mission to keep dirty oil and gas wells out of the Rocky Mountain Front.

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Managing Attorney, Rocky Mountains Wildlife of the Crown of the Continent » Go To Episode
Tim Preso.

Managing Attorney Tim Preso talks about protecting endangered species like the wolverine in the Crown of the Continent.

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Vernice Miller-Travis.

Environmental justice advocate Vernice Miller-Travis discusses why the fractured nature of green groups and the environmental justice movement undermines our overall political effectiveness.

Lake Tahoe.

Michael Donahoe of the Tahoe Area Sierra Club discusses his efforts to keep private piers and buoys out of the publicly-owned Lake Tahoe.

Isaac Moriwake and Kapua Sproat.

Kapua Sproat and Isaac Moriwake discuss the decades-long battle over water rights' issues in Hawaiʻi and how they're working with the Hawaiian community to take back what's legally considered a public resource.

Rodolfo Montiel Flores.

International activist Rodolfo Montiel Flores discusses being tortured by his own government for helping to save forest lands in southern Mexico.

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