The Latest by Maz Ali

Managing Editor

Maz worked at Earthjustice from 2020–2021.

Photo of environmental attorney and queer justice activist Lindi von Mutius.
June 14, 2021

Creating Spaces for Queer Environmentalists

Attorney and educator Lindi von Mutius invites us to explore the intersection of environmental conservation and justice for LGBTQIA+ communities.

photo of 10 pipe-shaped stoneware and porcelain vessels assembled in the shape of a sacred circle
May 28, 2021

Artists Created a Virtual 360° Gallery to Inspire Climate Joy

They’re bringing color, form, and story to a call for climate justice.

Anti-violence demonstrators gather near the White House on June 3, 2020 in the wake of the George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police.
April 20, 2021

Ways to Help Fight Anti-Black Police Violence

“Historically White environmental organizations that once looked away from environmental racism are finally joining a larger, urgent struggle for justice.”

A bird researcher rides past water on a ranch in Montana.
August 7, 2020

Trump Said Water Protections Hurt Farmers. An Earthjustice Attorney Fact-Checked Him.

Water pollution has made more than half of U.S. streams and rivers unsafe. So why did the Trump administration end this key water protection rule? Here's a point-by-point reality check of President Trump's remarks on the repeal.

a close up view of an Atlantic bluefin tuna underwater
June 10, 2020

Senseless Removal of Species Protections Threatens Life in the Gulf of Mexico

Sushi is almost as common a choice as any for family dinners, first dates, or even the solo diner. The industry now boasts thousands of restaurants and generates billions in revenue, but our taste for Japan’s hand-rolled sea fare poses a threat you won’t read about on a restaurant menu.

Las protestas estallaron alrededor de Estados Unidos para poner fin al racismo sistémico y el abuso policial a partir de los asesinatos de George Floyd, Breonna Taylor y Ahmaud Arbery.
June 5, 2020

Conozca Algunas Formas De Combatir La Violencia Policial Contra La Comunidad Afrodescendiente

"Históricamente, las organizaciones ambientales lideradas por blancos que alguna vez ignoraron el racismo ambiental finalmente se unen a una gran lucha por la justicia".