What’s Your Electric Vehicle Personality? Take Our Quiz.

All types of vehicle personalities have a place in the clean energy transition.

A collection of electric vehicles.

From cars to buses to trucks, electric vehicles are transforming how we move goods and ourselves, cleaning up our air and climate. Some vehicles are known for their reliability or being a friendly neighborhood fixture; others always seem to attract drama.

Which EV are you?

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What if schoolkids could ride a magic carpet to school — swift, smooth, silent, with no tailpipe and no exhaust fumes? School districts are starting to convert their fleets from dirty diesel buses to pollution-free electric ones. You can help accelerate this progress.

Alison Cagle is a writer at Earthjustice, telling the stories of the earth: the systems that govern it, the ripple effects of those systems, and the people who are fighting to change them — to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

Earthjustice's Right to Zero campaign is working to electrify everything and power it all with 100% renewable energy. A transition that once seemed impossible even a decade ago is now reshaping our lives. For the sake of our lungs and our climate, it’s time to build the future we want.