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Article April 28, 2010

Oil/Gas Leases Abandoned in Montana's Flathead River Valley

Action by ConocoPhillips preserves 169,00 acres

document February 9, 2010

Flathead Watershed Area Order

Press Release: Victory February 9, 2010

US Conservation Organizations Praise BC Announcement of Mining Ban in Flathead River Valley

Pristine northern Rockies valley straddles border

Press Release: Victory January 21, 2010

UN to Recommend Moratorium on Mining that Threatens International Park on U.S./Canadian Border

A jewel worth protecting

Press Release August 11, 2009

Groups Encouraged by Secretary Salazar's Statement on Energy Development Threats to Glacier National Park

Salazar expressed “serious concerns about the potential impact of energy development on the park’s water, wildlife, and other resources”

Press Release: Victory June 26, 2009

UNESCO to Investigate Threats to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park on U.S.-Canadian Border

Proposed coal mine in BC’s Flathead River Valley triggers World Heritage investigation

The Flathead provides abundant habitat for grizzly bears, wolves, and wolverines.
(Photo courtesy of TMView / Flickr)
case: Victory July 1, 2008

Fighting Dirty Energy In The Flathead River Basin

The Flathead River flows from British Columbia south into Montana and forms the western boundary of Glacier National Park. Coalbed methane gas extraction and open-pit coal mining in the Canadian headwaters of the Flathead River threatened to fragment the Flathead’s abundant habitat for grizzly bears, wolves, and wolverines, and to pollute the river’s pristine waters.…

document July 1, 2008

Annex of Maps Flathead River

Map of Waterton-Glacier transboundary and Flathead River

document July 1, 2008

Map of Coal and CBM Threats to Waterton Glacier

Supporting documentation map #1 to the World Heritage Committee

document July 1, 2008

Technical Paper on Threats to Waterton-Glacier

Technical Paper in Support of Listing Waterton-Glacier as World Heritage Site in Danger

document July 1, 2008

Waterton-Glacier petition photo annex

Photos of coalbed methane sites in British Columbia

document July 1, 2008

Letter from Conservation Organizations to World Heritage Committee

On threats to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

document July 1, 2008

Letter to International Joint Commission

Letter from Conservation Organizations to International Joint Commission on Waterton-Glacier