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A pair of grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park. (Todaysfotos / Shutterstock)
Press Release: Victory March 20, 2024

Court Ruling Halts Wolf Trapping and Snaring in Idaho Grizzly Bear Habitat

Trapping and snaring will no longer be allowed during non-denning periods

Press Release: Victory February 10, 2022

Gray Wolves Regain Federal Endangered Species Act Protections

Court decision will prevent hunting, poisoning, and trapping in 44 states

Article: Victory November 9, 2021

How a Win for Montana’s Lynx and Grizzlies Also Protects Wolves

We’re also pursuing multiple other cases to protect this keystone species across the contiguous United States.

Biologists fit a female gray wolf with a radio tracking collar.
 (Brendan Oates / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
Update January 14, 2021

We’re Challenging the Trump Administration’s Decision to Strip Federal Protection From Wolves Across the Country

Six environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s rule that removed Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves across most of the lower-48 states.

A young gray wolf.
Press Release June 9, 2021

Forest Service Protections Sought for Wolves in Idaho, Montana Wilderness Areas

New policies could eradicate gray wolf populations in Northern Rockies states

Grizzly bear near Canyon, Yellowstone National Park. (Neal Herbert / NPS)
Article March 20, 2024

3 Amazing Mammals Earthjustice Is Fighting For

Here’s how we’re using the Endangered Species Act as a powerful legal tool to protect imperiled animals.

Article May 25, 2021

Biden Says ‘I’m in!’ for Protecting Wolves

He’s looking for guidance on how to do it. We have some ideas

Gray wolf
 (Holly Kuchera / Shutterstock)
Update March 10, 2021

200-Wolf Slaughter Shows Why Wolves Need Protection

The slaughter in Wisconsin is an awful example of why wolves need the protection of the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s strongest conservation law.

Press Release February 7, 2022

Earthjustice Calls for Emergency Relisting of Northern Rockies Gray Wolves

Response follows Secretary Haaland op-ed in USA Today

Once found nationwide, gray wolves were hunted, trapped, and poisoned for decades; by 1967 there were fewer than 1,000 wolves in one small part of the Midwest.
(Paul Carpenter / Getty Images)
Press Release October 29, 2020

Trump Administration Strips Protections from Gray Wolves

New rule removes the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act, halting wolf recovery

A young gray wolf.
(Paul Carpenter / Getty Images)
Press Release December 12, 2023

Lawsuit seeks to delay wolf reintroductions, undermine Colorado voters

Livestock industry members file obstructionist lawsuit on eve of anticipated wolf releases

Update October 1, 2021

A Plan to Kill 300 Wolves in Wisconsin Has Sparked Outrage Among Tribal Nations

Earthjustice has spent decades fighting for wolf recovery and will continue that fight with our tribal partners in this case.

Press Release July 15, 2019

1.8 Million Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections from Wolves

Federal proposal would halt wolf recovery, allow more wolf killing

A lone wolf howls across hills and valleys in the upper Midwest. (Jerry & Barb Jividen / Getty Images)
Press Release: Victory December 15, 2023

Court Denies Livestock Industry Attempt To Immediately Halt Wolf Reintroductions in Colorado

Temporary restraining order request rejected by U.S. District Court Judge

feature September 14, 2012

A Friend of Wolves for Decades

Earthjustice has worked for more than two decades to protect wolves and return balance to the Northern Rockies ecosystem.

A remote camera snapped this photo of a wolf pup in California's Lassen National Forest in 2017. Recently a state judge upheld protections for California's growing wolf population.
(U.S. Forest Service via AP)
Article February 13, 2019

Court Ruling Aids Wolves’ Return to California

A judge’s decision to uphold California’s protections for wolves is a step in the right direction, but one lone wolf’s epic journey across state lines shows that federal protections are necessary to ensure the species’ continued survival.

As the gray wolf’s reintroduction has illustrated, healthy ecosystems are interconnected, holistic entities requiring rich biodiversity, including the presence of apex predators such as wolves.
(National Park Service Photo)
case January 14, 2021

Defending Gray Wolves

One of North America’s most iconic native predators, the gray wolf used to be found throughout the United States — but centuries of trapping, hunting, and poisoning, decimated the wolf population. By the 1980s, only a few small pockets of survivors remained in the continental United States. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protected gray…

Press Release October 22, 2021

Wisconsin Ojibwe Tribes Applaud State Court’s Decision Prohibiting Department of Natural Resources From Issuing Licenses To Hunt Wolves

Dane County judge’s ruling comes a week before the tribes’ case challenging the hunt will be argued in federal court