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"Women have to be the fiercest," says Maria Lopez-Nuñez. She is fighting for environmental justice in Newark, NJ's Ironbound neighborhood.
(Brian W. Fraser)
Article February 28, 2024

These Women Environmental Leaders Are Fighting For Their Communities

Women will continue to help shape the future as we fight to protect the environment that we all share — our planet.

(Architect of the Capitol)
From the Experts July 19, 2023

House Republicans Released Their Interior-EPA Appropriations Bill. It’s Even Worse than We Expected

Congress must reject these poison pill riders and non-negotiable provisions that will harm communities and the environment.

“It seems that all of nature’s bounty is under attack – wild places, endangered species, clean air and water, healthy ecosystems, and ultimately every living creature that depends on all those things. To secure a decent future, the work of Earthjustice is indispensable.”
(Connie Harvey / Conservationist and founder of Wilderness Workshop)
page July 1, 2023

Your Donation at Work

Behind nearly every environmental win of the past 50 years, you’ll find Earthjustice. This is thanks to generous supporters who have helped to make sure the earth has a good lawyer.

page July 1, 2023

Financial Statements

See Earthjustice’s financials, including IRS Form 990, IRS Form 1023, audited financial statements, our donor privacy policy, and annual reports.

Sharon Lavigne (left) joins in a moment of prayer at a community meeting in 2019. Lavigne founded RISE St. James to expose and eliminate unchecked industrial pollution in the southern Louisiana region commonly known as Cancer Alley.
(Alejandro Dávila Fragoso / Earthjustice)
Article February 2, 2023

How 600 Years of Environmental Violence Is Still Harming Black Communities

The first transatlantic voyages were only the beginning.

Document September 6, 2022

Comments: Proposed Environmental Justice Rules, DEP Docket No. 04-22-04

The New Jersey Environmental Justice (EJ) Law can be the most protective environmental justice law in the nation if the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection prioritizes the health of residents in overburdened communities. The Department must evolve and ensure this EJ Law protects residents from all environmental injustices within the state. New Jersey can achieve actual reductions of pollution in EJ communities by denying any new permits in already overburdened communities.

Sharonda C. Williams-Tack is the Associate Director of the Sierra Club’s Healthy Communities Campaign.
(Melissa Lyttle for Earthjustice)
Article August 5, 2022

‘For Some, Energy Efficiency Is the Difference Between Keeping the Utilities on or Having Them Shut off’

Sharonda Williams-Tack leads a campaign that seeks to help struggling households reduce their utility bills through energy efficiency retrofits.

Courtney Bowie’s uncle, Harry Bowie, sitting on the floor at right, takes part in a meeting with Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders during the Meredith March Against Fear in Greenwood, Mississippi in June 1966. Pictured, clockwise from left, are Bernard Lee, Andrew Young, Robert Greene, Martin Luther King Jr., Lawrence Guyot, Harry Bowie, and Stokely Carmichael.
(Bob Fitch via Stanford Libraries)
Article February 7, 2022

How Civil Rights Work Led Me to Environmental Justice Litigation

The work I have always done — fighting for equality for all people — is precisely the work I continue to do here.

Press Release January 27, 2022

Environmental Justice Coalition Calls for More Action on Justice40, Cutting Legacy Pollution and Enacting Build Back Better Agenda

On the anniversary of historic climate executive order, the journey is far from over

page December 20, 2021

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Earthjustice, we can reach our full collective potential by investing in each other, cultivating the generative power of our differences, fostering a vibrant community built on respect and empathy, and maintaining our fearless drive to keep learning.

Press Release August 26, 2021

Texas Expanding Language Access for Decisions involving Pollution Permits

The new rule represents important progress in the fight for language justice

In the News: The Colorado Sun July 31, 2021

Opinion: Environmental justice led the way in Colorado’s legislative session

An opinion piece by Becca Curry (Colorado Policy Advocacy, Earthjustice) and Ean Thomas Tafoya (Colorado State Director, GreenLatinos)

Press Release July 22, 2021

Statement: White House Starts Translating President’s Bold Justice40 Vision into Reality to Secure Environmental and Economic Justice for Disadvantaged Communities

The administration identified 21 federal programs that will pilot the initial Justice40 implementation

Document June 23, 2021

Recommendations for USDA on Executing Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities

With the Racial Equity Executive Order (13,985), the USDA has an opportunity not only to address the remnants of decades of past discrimination, but also to revise programs and policies in a manner that will proactively advance racial equity.

Equestrians ride through Chicago's Washington Park for a Juneteenth celebration in June 2020.
(Natasha Moustache / Getty Images)
Article June 17, 2021

This Summer, We Celebrate Black Resilience

Across the nation, people are reclaiming Black spaces as equally deserving of a healthy environment and protection under the law.

"When the pandemic hit, it hit our community hard, and we knew we had to step up to meet an evolving set of needs." –Lindi von Mutius
(Sarahbeth Maney for Earthjustice)
Article June 14, 2021

Creating Spaces for Queer Environmentalists

Attorney and educator Lindi von Mutius invites us to explore the intersection of environmental conservation and justice for LGBTQIA+ communities.

Community members from Brave Space Alliance, Broadway Youth Center, and Renaissance Social Services speak during the Pride Without Prejudice march on June 28, 2020, in Chicago. The march supported Black trans lives, LGBTQ rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement.
(Photo by Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)
Article June 11, 2021

Why Queer Liberation Is an Environmental Justice Issue

Once we stop seeing these fights for humanity as separate, we open ourselves up to the possibility of learning from each other in deeper ways.

Press Release June 1, 2021

Earthjustice Stands in Solidarity with the Victims of the Tulsa Massacre

No one was held accountable for the killings and destruction of Greenwood