Harry Wang

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

Profession: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, President of the Sacramento Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Harry Wang, MD

Sacramento, CA

My family has always enjoyed being in the outdoors in nature. We hike in California's Sierra Nevada mountains every year and enjoy daily walks along the Sacramento River. Our daughter's asthma and hospitalization at age eight brought my professional concerns about the impact of poor air quality to a very personal level.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues. The science is clear about the devastating health effects of air pollution and what needs to be done to protect our community. The Clean Air Act must be fully implemented. Attempts to weaken this public health law or undermine the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should be rejected.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Clean air. What a glorious notion. Good on you, Harry.

thank you for standing up for our air. I am elderly with copd, asthma, etc. already.

Thanks. We need activism like yours.

I live in the middle of apple and vineyard country. Every year the amount of orchard/vineyard spraying has increased. Our air quality is continuing to deteriorate.

Thank you for being a advocate for all who need to breathe safely--that is all creatures.

You go Harry! We need your dedication and activism!

Thank you for your help for clean air.
I have emphysema and many friends have
asthma. Thank you

If the government would like to increase the profits of the drug companies and the so called health insurance companies, they should pass laws allowing all sorts of pollution. That is because a lot of people will get sick as they age and Medicare will have to spend a lot of money, unless we allow all of them to die.

With strict anti pollution laws, people will not get sick so much and we could start to reduce the deficit. The downside of this is the banks will not be collecting quite as much interest on the debt.

I live in a very dirty air area. Please continue your good work

Because I need to breathe!

We need clean air to breathe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Where I live the smog usually blows away to the east. When it does blow our way, it has been known to set off the carbon monoxide detector. This year in particular, we had a larger number of bad air days.
Please relentlessly continue your most important work. We must send a clear signal to consumers and corporations that our present way of treating the earth is wasteful and not sustainable.
There are few priorities higher than healthy air. We must start to live with that priority in mind and not be swept away by the media fed consumerism that treats the earth like an old toy to be thrown away when used up.

Keep fighting the good fight, Dr. Wang! The people of California - and Mother Earth herself - thank you!

In a sane world, people's basic right to breathe safe air would not be gutted by trading it for a tiny minority's crass capitalistic profits. The clean air act needs strengthening, not undermining!

Do you believe that we still have time to bring our polluted atmosphere back to say pre 1940's or before.

We need to see you more on the media so your extremely important message can get out. America needs to be woken up and unless you, and others like you, are in the mainstream of the media, the messages will not get out. Thank you so much.

As a senior citizen married to an asthmatic senior citizen, we both appreciate your efforts. Best wishes for continued success!

Thank you! Thank you!


Thank you.

Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you for your work. I know from my own work about the damage to health from the use of air resources as a free dump. We need to stop focusing on the end of the tailpipe and start changing how we produce things.

Surely in a sane world people's basic right to breathe safe air would not be gutted by trading it for a tiny minority's crass capitalistic profits. The clean air act needs strengthening, not undermining!

It is enough to deal with Asma itself without having to breath air that is polluted, as well.

If we lived in a clean environment, health costs would go down for all.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to represent California. The Clean Air Act must remain in place and as far as I am concerned emboldened to prevent Corporations from gutting it outright or removing it's teeth. Gross polluters in California should be held to standard that the rest of the Nation should look to and strive toward. Capitalistic tendencies left unchecked are usually at the expense of it's citizenry and natural resources. Thank you once again for being California's voice!

Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

I have asthma, but must exercise daily to keep my bloodsugar under control. Each time I set out for a walk, I have to overcome a moment of fear as I take in that first deep breath of car-exhaust-tainted urban air. I wonder if I'll have a scary, embarrassing asthma attack and check to be sure my rescue inhaler is within easy reach. For a moment, I always weigh the benefits from the exercise against the weight of all the toxins I'm about to breathe into my lungs...and then I remember watching my father die of diabetes and set out on my walk. It shouldn't be this way--we shouldn't have to be afraid of the air we breathe.

Clean air should be a basic right for all citizens. We should not have to fight to have it and companies who pollute should not gain financially from their lack of clean air standards. It is crazy that we have to support financially environmental groups to fight our representatives in Congress who are paid by us to represent us. This is WRONG! Thanks Harry for speaking out for us. We also thank other California legislators who support clean air, and fortunately are still in office.

I can't Understand why the people who vote against clean air and water don't worry about their own health. Evidently they feel they are superior beings whose children and themselves are exempt from the poisons in the air and the water they drink. Far as I know everyone has to breathe and clean water is essential. If only from a selfish outlook cleaning up the environment should be their primary goal.

Thank you so much for your work on the clean air issue!

Clean air = life!

We need clean air and clean water if we are going to survive. That means we need to change what we use for energy. If we are smart we will get rid of the oil, gas and nuclear and go for renewables big time. We also need to clean up what we put in our bodies. That includes being REAL scientists, who will have more respect for DNA! Stop the GMO's that are going to destroy us humans faster than it will our planetary life. Also our pharmaceuticals are killing us as well, including VACCINES! My body already demands organic food! We also need to be treated better by our government, like with a lot more respect for our minds, our rights, and our carbon bodies! I don't just suggest this, I DEMAND IT! Because I am human!

The quality of the air we breathe has for too long taken a back seat to industry and profits. Air - Water - Food Supply - The true necessities - must be our priorities.

Thank you Harry for protecting our environment!

We all need the basics, food, shelter, water. they should all be clean! Thank you for helping us achieve that.

I appreciate your work on behalf of all of us in this *most important* issue. Thank you so much! Clean air is paramount to vibrant health. Know that you make a difference!

Thanks for your hard work, we need more advocates like you!

We need to piggyback this onto "clean energy". Two go hand in hand. Clean energy creates jobs for people; people need to breathe to function at their highest capability.

Thank you, Dr. Wong. I, too, am concerned about air quality and how it affects my child, the environment, and those who cannot advocate for themselves. Your work is so important. Thanks again.

Thanks for your commitment!

clean air supports all of life on earth...it is only human activity that has polluted the air - and only human responsibiity to restore it to its pristine state

Go Harry! Help get our air cleaner here in Sacramento and all over the country! Its got to be good for those tomatoes too!

With most California counties receiving an F for air quality by the American Lung Ass., I really want to thank you for bringing this critical issue to the forefront in protecting everyones health and safety!

Yes! Clean air is essential!

Thank you! I wish there were more out there like you.

Thank you Dr. Wong

Thank you, Dr. Wong, for standing up for clean air.

Thank you, Dr. Wong

I support Clean Air and Dr. Harry Wang; clean air is a clear life-and-death issue.

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