Harry Wang

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

Profession: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, President of the Sacramento Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Harry Wang, MD

Sacramento, CA

My family has always enjoyed being in the outdoors in nature. We hike in California's Sierra Nevada mountains every year and enjoy daily walks along the Sacramento River. Our daughter's asthma and hospitalization at age eight brought my professional concerns about the impact of poor air quality to a very personal level.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues. The science is clear about the devastating health effects of air pollution and what needs to be done to protect our community. The Clean Air Act must be fully implemented. Attempts to weaken this public health law or undermine the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should be rejected.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

I need to breathe, have life-long asthma -

thank you

Clean air is so important, so fundamental to everyone. Thank you for fighting the good fight!

The greed and avarice that dominate the corporate interests and their fossil fuel cousins, are the enemy of life itself. As long as they and their free market ideology are the unofficial law of the land, human beings become mere chattel, to be used, abused and then disposed of. The time to say no- and mean it- has arrived.

Does it get any more basic than BREATHING?

Yes we do need clean air water and soil to live healthy lives

Please tell our leaders they have a moral obligation to protect our Earth and all its inhabitants! We have the right to clean air, and nobody should get away with destroying it for us. It will be more costly in the long term to treat medical ailments or attempt to go after polluters after the damage has already been done than prevention. Let's stop this short sighted view and demand clean air. After all, who wants to breathe dirty air?

There is a need to have clean air, water and soil.

It is beyond appalling that giant corporations now so tyrannize over the US that we have to defend our right to breathe. Unregulated corporate capitalism is the enemy of all life. Its only law: maximize profits. All else is an "externality," including the very air we breathe, and our right to live.

Thanks to Harry Wang for taking the corporate monstrosities on.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!

Thank you for your important work.

I certainly support ANYONE who is for clean air, and a healthy lifestyle for all inhabitants of planet Earth.

Keep on keeping on, Dr. Wang.

This is a "no brainer." What will it take? I support your work, Dr. Wang!

We support your work 100%! Thank you.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep our air clean and us healthy

Your awesome! I can't thank you enough....No matter what, let's beat the corporate machine from ruining our environment and our lives for generations to come.

We fully support your work! Thank you.

It just makes sense to stay as healthy as possible. Clean air goes a long was toward that goal.

We appreciate all of your efforts!

We all in our family agree!!!!!

Why is this such a struggle? It's just pure common sense that we need clean air, and that industry and consumers will continue to pollute unless regulated.

No one wants unnecessary regulations, but this is clearly a case where strong regulations are absolutely necessary!

Thanks for your efforts supporting clean air and reducing the build-up of CO2 and other climate changing compounds in the air.

Thank you for working toward protecting our air.

Please Keep Up The Good Work. Thank You.

I support your work.

Thank you for working to keep us healthy. My family and I really appreciate it!

Thank You :) Keep up the great work.

Clean air is a right.We need a dedication to a cleaner air policy,electric cars would be a starting point,as most ozone,and particulate air pollution comes from cars and trucks. The inner city interface is well suited to electric cars ,trucks.They are being made now.The push for them to succeed is a must.Good luck Dr Wang in Washington, the oil/gas lobby owns this town.Common sense must win.

I appreciate everything you are doing!

The right to breathe clean air is one we should all agree on.

My deepest thanks for your efforts!

Thank you for caring!!!

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Clean Air!

Great job, Harry. I support all your hard work and effort.

We live on the coast in Long Beach and can bear witness to the fine particle pollution that the port activities produce.

We support and thank you for your efforts on behalf of clean air.

All people, and all animals, deserve to breathe clean air. Polluters have no more right to force me to inhale polluted air than they have to put me in prison.


thank you

Thank you for being our voice Harry!

Thank you Harry.

We all need clean air.

Thank you for your hard work. We all need Clean Air.

In spite of all our efforts, bad air persists in our neighborhoods, in part, due to the ignorant practices of ordinary citizens. Gas blowers, mowers, old cars, meat smokers, fireplaces, etc. Thanks for helping!

Thank you Harry! I strongly agree that the Clean Air Act must be fully implemented.

Thank You Harry.

Thank you for your good work for all living beings, Harry!

Good for you! I am sure that you represent my views and the views of most Californians.

Thank you so much, Harry, for your work on behalf of us all.

Thumbs up, Harry! Keep it up!


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