Harry Wang

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

Profession: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, President of the Sacramento Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Harry Wang, MD

Sacramento, CA

My family has always enjoyed being in the outdoors in nature. We hike in California's Sierra Nevada mountains every year and enjoy daily walks along the Sacramento River. Our daughter's asthma and hospitalization at age eight brought my professional concerns about the impact of poor air quality to a very personal level.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues. The science is clear about the devastating health effects of air pollution and what needs to be done to protect our community. The Clean Air Act must be fully implemented. Attempts to weaken this public health law or undermine the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should be rejected.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Having clean air should be the baseline for a functioning country. Aren't we really messing up if we don't make the most essential ingredient to life the highest priority? Thanks for representing us.

Without clean air to breathe, without clean water to drink, we and many other species are doomed. Thank you for all that you do.

CLEAN AIR FOR ALL!!! Health before profits ALWAYS!

Someday they will learn when it gets close to home that money isn't everything.

YES to you & YES to clean air!!!

Thank you Dr. Wang for being a clean air ambassador for the people of California and the world. Thank you for speaking out for all of us. It is sad that our elected officials are not able to protect people and the earth from dangerous and toxic pollutants in our air and water.

Thank you.

Thank you for standing up for clean air. I have spent most of my life in California and care deeply for this state and all of it's forms of life living in it.

Anyone who thinks clean air isn't important should try living without it and they will see the myriad health problems pollution causes.

clean air for all!

Thank you for saving our planet, fighting pollution, protecting our health, and making our air better to breathe.

How many people have to die from air polution related issues before the deniers wake up? Don't their kids get asthma?

The air we breathe is already way too polluted.

Thank you for helping to protect our health and our lives.

I live in Pasadena, California and have lived in this area for 70 years. The air is a lot better here than it was in the 1970's, but it is still too dirty. Trucks and automobiles are the main reasons our air is dirty. We as a nation and especially Californians need to address this by moving away from oil energy towards electric energy for our transportation needs.

Whoever votes against clean air is an absolute moron. However much money he or she was paid to vote against such a critical issue is irrelevant. As with our planet, our environment is not for sale!

It seems so obvious, does it not? Keep up the good work.

I know we are all worried about many things on the national and international stage, but to me this is the paramount issue of our time. After all, if we devastate the planet, where will we go?

Supporting our good health is one of the basic roles of government, for which I pay taxes. I hate it when Congress does their donors' bidding instead of taking care of their constituents like they are supposed to. And it's just as terrible when the Executive branch, which is meant to be more immune to that sort of bought-and-paid-for influence, shirks their duty. Thanks for taking the message to DC, Mr. Wang.

We all need to speak up like Harry Wang. We need to speak up for clean air and a healthy environment in all other respects.

"What on earth are they spraying" is a very informative documentary.

Congress, White House, and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies are not protecting the people or the environment. "What on earth are they spraying" is a very informative documentary. Watch it on YouTube you will be really glad you did.

Let us be blessed by more leaders like Harry Wang!

It takes voices such as yours to speak up for clean air - our voices are needed before we have forfeited the very air that makes them possible. Thank you.

Many thanks for supporting clean air. It shouldn't require so much effort to protect something so obviously necessary; but here we are with more evidence of corporate negligence and greed.

Go get 'em, Mr. Wang!

See you on the John Muir Trail ...........

Thank you!

Thank you.

Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Thank you for all your effort to keep our air clean.

Your enduring efforts to save us from corporatization of health and life are invaluable.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all of us.

I am very concerned with Chem Trails. I am not in agreement with dumping of anything for any reason into the water or air not, of aluminum, barium and strontium or other pollutants or viruses. The people doing this dumping must be stopped. It must be made illegal and it must be enforced.

Breath is life...it affects every cell in our body. Thank you for working to keep our air less polluted.

thank you!

Having clean air to breathe should be common sense. Thank you for helping to keep our air breathable and clean.

FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU! I think everyone here will appreciate the following quote.
"They are insensible to the wonders of inanimate nature and they may be said not to preceive the mighty forests that surround them till they fall beneath the hatchet. Their eyes are fixed upon another sight...the march across these wilds, draining swamps, turning the course of rivers, peopling solitudes, and subduing nature. They will habitually prefer the useful to the beautiful, and they will require that the beautiful should be useful.
....I believe we are past the stage of national existence when we could look on complacently at the individual who skinned the land and was content for the sake of three years' profit for himself to leave a desert for the children of those who were to inherit the soil." PRESIDENT THEODORE ROSSEVELT

Thank you.

I support you! Clean air is a must! Thank you so much for your efforts.

Thank you for stepping up for those of us.
You are a great example for all of us.

Yay for clean air!

Corporations must stop feeling they have the right to pollute our air, earth and water for their profit. Thanks for your work...

Thank you Ambassador for supporting and representing all of us who believe in and want clean air.

You rule!!!

Clean, fresh air is a blessing, as anyone with respiratory problems can attest. Thank you for your efforts.

THANK YOU, Ambassador Wang, for caring for the quality of the air we breathe...there is hardly anything more important. I support you fully....

Thank you for your dedication.

We thank you with every breath we take.

Since I am an extremely active senior who has a grandson with asthma, just keep on truckin'.

Why any of our legislators think we should give anyone the right to pollute our air or waterways is beyond me. We are all citizens of our earth, and we all should work together to make it as healthful as possible.

Thank you for your efforts.


We thank you with every breath we take.

Thank you for your work to fight for clean air!

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