Harry Wang

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

Profession: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, President of the Sacramento Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Harry Wang, MD

Sacramento, CA

My family has always enjoyed being in the outdoors in nature. We hike in California's Sierra Nevada mountains every year and enjoy daily walks along the Sacramento River. Our daughter's asthma and hospitalization at age eight brought my professional concerns about the impact of poor air quality to a very personal level.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues. The science is clear about the devastating health effects of air pollution and what needs to be done to protect our community. The Clean Air Act must be fully implemented. Attempts to weaken this public health law or undermine the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should be rejected.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Thank you so much for representing us humans, animals and plants. We must do everything possible to protect the air we breathe

Clean air is vital to sustain life, good health and our ecosystems. Thank you for your efforts in this public health and environmental arena!

Thank you for representing all of us regular citizens against corporate intrests twisting the arms of government officials on all levels.

Thank you for your efforts to keep our air clean. I am grateful that you're fighting for all of us.

I live in the Los Angeles basin. You know I want clean air.

Thank you Ambassador for speaking for us, I'm grateful for your work.

Clean air is not only good for humans but animals, and nature. It is a right for our next genetations.

Please, never ever give up! Thanks.

I thank you and support your efforts, Ambassador Wang, as do all of the animals I've rescued from the toxic environment and polluted air!

As a child of the 1950's growing up in smoggy SoCal I know it would be a crime
against humanity to go backwards..thank you for leading us against ignorance and greed of the supporters of polluters!

Give'm hell Harry!!!! Thanks.

Keep fighting the good fight. Thank you!

I hope to breathe easier with someone representing We, the People in this one very important area. They, the Corporations, should have no say, even if the Roberts SCOTUS pretends they're "people".

We need people like you to stand up for us all!
Thank you!

Thank you! We need more people like you!!! I love your work.

Thank you!

Clean air is very important to sustain life. There should be no objections to clean air, and that should be that. What kind of place are the objectors coming from, a very selfish place with low consciousness. Life depends on clean Air.

THANKYOU!!! Mother Earth Thanks You!

As a person who lives with asthma , I truly appreciate clean air. Especially for all my fellow planetairians!!!


Amen, brothah!

Thank you!

Carol Heart

Thank you, Dr. Wang. You are an American.
Those who opposed regulations to ensure clean air, clean water and honest elections are polluters looking to become worse.
Those unwilling to deal with reality and define morality ads what works on Earth" forfeit their right to exist in reality space-time. And they can't lead anyone to anything--except cherished ideas of theirs that are hideously immoral, wholly unethical and as shocking as 8 years of Bushite era failures.
Thanks for thinking for yourself. Clean and renewable energy is the future--the only one we can live with.

thumbs up!

We all embrace Mother Gaia and speak with your voice.

As a COPD patient, I thank you.

We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues.

Go, Harry!

Clean air, water, earth, food - these are basic needs! Thank you for your efforts!!

We all benefit.

Thank You, Harry. As an asthma sufferer, I appreciate clean air and all you are doing to maintain it for us.

thank you for being the voice of the people and woring for clean air and water.

We all need to join together to protect our environment. Thank you for being a leader in the fight against air pollution, which adversely affects the lives of so many.

Keep up the great work Dr Wang - on behalf of all of us and future generations of all species on this fragile planet.

Thank you for being the voice of the people and working for clean air and water.

We have to mandate alternative energy sources and move away from oil and gas to natural renewable sources as soon as is humanly possible. To get there we need to empower the good people of this nation by making life difficult for those who have been contributing to all types of pollution. Big oil and coal companies have been given unfair advantage to force us to remain addicted to what is destroying our health and collective environment. We as the common working class people must unite and collectively steer our nation to renewable resources that create high paying local good old USA jobs.

It is hard to believe but some people in the USA are trying to weaken the Clean Air Act. Any such attempt or attempts to undermine the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should be rejected.

Thank you, Harry, for defending our right to breathe clean air!

Thank you Dr. Wang for taking a stand. Without clean air and pure water nothing else matters. An economy that doesn't guarantee the most basic necessities for all is no economy at all.

Thank you Dr. Wang.
the clean fresh air does wonders for my COPD.

Breathe in, breathe out. Nothing as simple or necessary as a breath.

clean air - yes yes yes

Thank you for doing the right thing.

Thank you. We need more people like you protecting our air and water!

Thanks--and please keep at it!

Nearly 4 years ago, on May 24th, 2007, some 200 scientists ... including toxicologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists and other experts representing five continents ...signed a strongly worded declaration warning that realistic human exposure levels to common toxins can alter the growth of critical organs and bodily functions, thereby predisposing babies to a variety of health problems and diseases (including attention deficit disorders, breast cancer, diabetes, infertility, obesity, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disorders, and uterine cancer) later in life.

More recently, a CDC bio-monitoring survey found traces of 212 environmental chemicals in Americans' bodies.

Toxic substances which show evidence of such developmental, and even genetic, effects are ubiquitous in our society and include toxic metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic, and other toxic chemicals, like dioxins and acid gases, that industry has been able to freely dump into our air (and water) with impunity.

Mercury exposure is so prevalent in the U.S. that as many as 1 in 6 women of childbearing age has mercury levels in her blood high enough to put a baby at risk of mercury poisoning.

As a biologist and mother, I therefore applaud E.P.A. for proposing long-overdue Clean Air Act standards to protect our nation's communities from the threats of toxic air pollution.

Without strong protections, hundreds of thousands of people will continue to suffer needlessly and resultant health costs will continue to rise. As such, I believe EPA is justified and duty-bound to adopt the strongest air toxics protections possible.

Thank you for conveying this message and for standing up for America's public health. We support and appreciate your efforts on our behalf and that of our children.

The greatest gift we can give our children, grandchildren and descendants is clean air and water. thank you Dr. Wang!

Thank you! I have had trouble breathing and I feel support from you.

We have your back - keep pushing to ensure we don't regress to the "70s.

What could be more common sense than protecting our air and water--two elements we can't live without?

Thanks you Dr. Wang for all you are doing to help improve the air we share.

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