Rachael Belz

The pollution spewing from the oldest and dirtiest parts of the coal plants in the Ohio River Valley affects people every single day.

Profession: Director
Group Affiliation: Ohio Citizen Action

Clean Air Ambassador:

Rachael Belz

Cincinnati, Ohio

Air pollution became a personal issue for me when I was diagnosed with asthma, allergies and significant sinus problems. When I was growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I only had some typical seasonal allergies. But, in 1997, a year after I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, I was diagnosed with all of the above at the age of 27.

Eighty-six percent of our electricity in Ohio comes from coal. Living in Cincinnati—in the Ohio River Valley—is like living in a "bowl full of pollution" due to the high level of particulates, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants from the many coal-fired power plants in our area, such as Duke Energy's Miami Fort and Beckjord plants.

I have to use a preventative inhaler twice a day, a "rescue" inhaler when necessary, an allergy pill once a day and two sinus sprays per nose every day. In addition, I have had emergency room and urgent care visits for severe asthma attacks. At those times, I must use a nebulizer and often am put on a dose of prednisone (steroids) for five or so days. This is not only invasive, it is also quite expensive.

We need members of Congress, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials and any applicable decision makers to understand how they can make significant changes in people's lives regarding air pollution. The pollution spewing from the oldest and dirtiest parts of the coal plants in the Ohio River Valley affects people every single day. I dread the warmest summer days because of smog alerts and asthma attacks. The decisions they make affect EVERYONE. Plus, we ratepayers get no say in what decisions the utilities make regarding these old, dirty coal plants. This is going to have to change.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

80% of the worlds fresh water is already polluted. Water wars around the world have already started. Tens of millions of people are suffering from disease, comprimised health, and death from the toxins in the atmosphere. Where does it end? When the corporate owned republicans and conservidems and special interest groups have enough money? Yea, Right! The line must be drawn right here and now.

I support Rachel, and I too believe that we are the superior race on earth and were assigned to be stewards for the planet in all ways, for the environment, wildlife and domesticated life. I know that living where I do, the Greenville Creek is right at our property line. Anyone can see the chemicals coming off the farm lands and businesses goes into the creek and that has a detrimental effect on the water for humans and all creatures that live in the water, mainly fish that people catch and eat or creatures also drinking the water. Having our waters clean and the air is absolutely mandatory for humans and other creatures well being. We are 99% water ourselves. So I seriously hope that this clean air and water is honored for all our well being now and in the future. Thank you for your time and attention.

I support Rachel, who not only knows the personal need for change, but uses that as a motivation for local, national, and global change. I think that human beings were originally meant to be stewards to the environment and we have neglected Mother Nature like we neglect most of the social issues that influence everything but nothing is said and injustices continue. Well, no more.

Clean air and water are vital for healthy human life.....

Protect both always....

My son, beginning early in his life, was seriously affected by unclean air, to the point of having to get him to an emergency room all too frequently,. Allowing this condition does not speak well for the effectiveness of the Environment Protection Agency. But it can be no more effective than Congress and the Executive branch demand that it be. I cannot compete with lobbyists for the attention of our legislators, against industry's strength to buy decisions that favor their purpose. Is it quaint to ask that legislators serve the interests of the public's health, over protecting the best profits that can be achieved by commercial interests ? Why was the Environmental Protection Agency conceived, if it can be manipulated to the point of its being inadequate in assuring clean air for the country's human population?

thax rachael,good luck

Thank you for fighting for your own health and, by proxy, mine!

You have our family's support and appreciation.


Nice to know clean air isn't off everyone's radar.

Best wishes, Rachel! Thank you for standing up for clean air and all our health.

Especially now, when, at every turn, the issues that protect or support the public, are being assaulted, you must realize how important you are AND how appreciated.

I wish more people would stand up and be counted

Think about your children

Thank you, Rachael. Good luck!

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