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A new plan from the EPA that would set a “benchmark” for lead in drinking water is raising alarm among environmental and health advocates. Joined by community advocates and experts from New Orleans to Milwaukee and from Flint to Washington, D.C., Earthjustice wrote to the EPA this week to voice our concerns.

Lake Michigan dunes with power plant in background

President Trump has made promises to clean up our nation’s drinking water, but those are promises his administration has no intention of keeping. As President Trump’s EPA Chief, Scott Pruitt, made perfectly clear yesterday, the right to clean water is nowhere on the agenda. Pruitt spent the day flacking his "back-to-basics" plan to scrap the health and environmental protections we all rely on—protections only the government can provide.

Gulf Power in Florida wanted to raise fixed charges for its customers by more than $30 a month, but Earthjustice obtained a settlement that withdraws the company’s proposal.

Even with attempts by the Trump administration to roll back national progress on climate and clean energy, Earthjustice and our partners can still make a big impact on the state and local levels. Our goal is to ensure that the benefits of clean, affordable energy are available to everyone, and to that end we recently reached a settlement with Gulf Power in Florida that will both save consumers money and incentivize them to save energy.

The Department of Energy, led by Rick Perry, is needlessly delaying energy efficiency rules that would save customers money and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Earthjustice isn’t standing by as President Trump tries to block the rise of clean energy—we’re fighting back with the full force of the law. Last week, we notified Secretary of Energy Rick Perry that we’re prepared to take him to court if his department continues blocking a raft of commonsense energy efficiency measures.

The Trump administration just got a public smack down for swapping out the Interior Department’s homepage image from a beautiful park to a pile of coal.

The Trump administration just got a harsh reminder just how strongly Americans feel about protecting public lands. A few days ago, the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which oversees millions acres of public land under the Department of the Interior, swapped its homepage image of a beautiful park to a massive pile of coal at a mine in Wyoming.


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