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Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Fairbanks Alaska

Every year, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race brings people together to cheer on mushers and their dog teams as they complete the arduous, 1,000-mile journey from Anchorage to Nome. The 2016 race roster includes entrants from Alaska, the lower 48 states, Canada, the UK, Norway and Sweden, and their styles and viewpoints are about as eclectic as they are.

Oil from the BP spill on the beach in Gulf Shores, Ala., on June 12, 2010.

When a polluting corporation wrecks the environment, we all want them to fix what they’ve broken, right? But using cleanup fine money to build a new beachfront hotel? We don’t think so.

A federal judge doesn’t think so either. Earthjustice recently won a victory in the U.S. Southern District of Alabama in a lawsuit we co-filed with Gulf Restoration Network against a group of Alabama and federal agencies.

Solar panels

Today, Earthjustice attorneys were in the Florida Supreme Court arguing a case that could determine the future of solar energy in the state.

You’d think that growing solar power would be a no-brainer in a place with the nickname “the Sunshine State.” But the fact is, our utilities profit from the status quo, which depends on an outdated electric distribution model: building more power plants and fossil-fuel infrastructure.

Supreme court building

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Super Tuesday marks a shift of our national attention to what is for most people the most important political battle, the election of a new president. As our attention shifts, we must not lose track of the most critical presidential battle remaining for our current President—nominating a Supreme Court justice.

Update: On February 26 Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in communities hit by the pollution on Florida’s east and west coasts, citing “extensive environmental harm” and “severe economic losses” from ongoing discharges of Lake Okeechobee water to the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers. But so far, businesses say they haven’t seen any help.

Sunset saguaro arizona

Arizona is blessed with an abundance of sunshine. The renowned deserts of Arizona are a testament to the power of the region’s rays—and so are all the local teams with names like the Suns and the Sun Devils. This bountiful sunshine means Arizona is well-positioned to lead the nation in developing clean, renewable solar energy. And the state has largely lived up to that potential to date. The U.S.

Low attendance at EPA meetings

“Am I in the right place?” I wondered. The EPA staffers were there, the leaflets arranged, the recorders rolling—but only a handful of the room’s hundred seats were filled. The EPA held a public meeting January 20th in Oakland, Calif., to ask for feedback on proposed changes to rules that guide how the agency deals with civil rights complaints. Just four people came to speak that Wednesday night, and three were with non-profits like Earthjustice that already regularly talk to the EPA.


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