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Notre Dame Cathedral

Something profound happened in Paris last week and we have to celebrate it. One hundred and ninety-five nations came together and made a pact to act against climate change. They agreed to hold global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius, with a target of no more than 1.5 degrees. They agreed to revisit this year's commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, when it will be even cheaper and easier to get off of fossil fuels. The countries that got rich burning fossil fuels agreed to help fund climate solutions for countries that didn't.

Oil field pumpjacks in Kern County, California.

We don’t drink the water here. Here’s some bottled water.” That’s what I learned after asking for a glass of water while visiting California’s Central Valley for the first time. Over the years, I have come to understand valley residents’ deep distrust of government agencies that continually fail to protect water quality in their area.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

World leaders are in Paris to engage in another round of climate negotiations. With scientists arguing this is a now-or-never moment, so much is at stake. The Paris talks are the world’s best opportunity to create an agreement that will make a real difference in reducing the worst impacts of climate change—while we still can.

Thousands of miles away, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Paris is much on the minds of Coloradans. Hundreds of us showed up on a snowy Sunday on the eve of the climate talks to participate in the Global Climate March.  

Photo by Courtney Emery

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There may be no more primal instinct in humans than the fear of fire. It is hard-coded in our DNA. But what if an industry used that fear to sell something that not only doesn’t do much to protect people from fire, but is linked to a variety of serious health issues?


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