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A storm rolls over a Texas wind farm.

After 100 days of a Senate led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), it is hard to ignore the evidence that corporate interests are trumping public health and welfare when it comes to addressing climate change.  Chances are you didn’t vote for this corporate takeover, but that’s exactly what you’re getting.


Earthjustice is representing the beekeeping industry writ large in the first case challenging the EPA’s approval of a known bee-killing pesticide, sulfoxaflor. We are arguing this case as the beekeeping industry across the country struggles for survival and faces the costly effects of pesticides on their businesses. Here are 11 reasons we are fighting for the bees.

A grizzly bear walks alone through a field in Grand Teton National Park.

Rising up from the Snake River Valley, the craggy peaks of the towering Teton Range command your attention.  Imagine yourself standing in the shadow of these giants, within the boundaries of western Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.  Awestruck, you look out over some our nation’s most treasured and wild country.  Suddenly, a gunshot breaks the silence, and a grizzly bear—one of the world’s most noble, revered, and magnificent animals—falls dead to the ground.

Department of Defense tug boats pull Shell's stranded Kulluk oil rig off of the Alaska coast.

In a recent letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee expressed his concerns surrounding Arctic oil and gas drilling. The letter has been gaining momentum since being released to the public and coincidentally was sent the same day the U.S. Department of the Interior opened the gate for risky oil drilling in the remote and iconic Arctic Ocean.


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