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Teresa Baker, the founder of the African American National Parks Event, talks to Earthjustice about what national parks can do to welcome communities of color.

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Teresa Baker is the founder of African American National Parks Event, a nationwide initiative to encourage African Americans to get outdoors, explore the national parks and join the conservation movement. Below, Earthjustice talks to Teresa about what all of us – the parks and environmental organizations – can do better.

Earthjustice is working to stop Tesoro-Savage, a crude oil shipping terminal proposed for the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington.

This blog post is co-authored by Earthjustice staff attorney Janette Brimmer.

When is a proposed project too risky, too much of a roll of the dice? Put another way, how much risk should communities and the environment be expected to bear when the reward goes solely to a private corporation, especially when that corporation is willing to gamble because its own resources are not at risk? These questions have come to life in the trial over approval or denial of the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil shipping terminal in Vancouver, Washington.

Severe weather striking Southern California highlights the need to reform our energy grid.

Southern California can’t catch a break this year. Hit by a series of devastating wildfires along with extreme heat waves and drought, it’s beginning to feel like parched conditions and scorched earth are the state’s new normal. Climate change is worsening droughts in California, turning forests into tinderboxes and exacerbating wildfires.


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