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Rachel Carson Bob Hines

Wherever International Women's Day is observed, there are people celebrating the life and legacy of Rachel Carson, and I am one of them. So much that is good about the environmental movement begins with her. But even the wildly original Rachel Carson owed a debt to courageous women of imagination before her, including author Mary Shelley.

European Grey Wolf

The sound of a wolf’s howl, as portrayed in today’s media, can send shivers down a person’s spine. However, new research finds that early humans living in a dangerous world filled with mammoths, rhinos, hyenas and lions may have found a wolf’s howl to be a comforting sound that reminded them they had a friend and ally nearby.

Paper mill in Massachusetts

My recognition of the need for healthy communities for all began at an early age.

Growing up, if I happened to be standing across from the chemical plant that my father worked at when the wind changed direction, I smelled its presence and immediately knew it was not a good thing. I remember asking my father if it was safe for the surrounding community to breathe that noxious air. What didn’t occur to me at the time was how that air may have been negatively impacting my father and his co-workers.

Clean water rally Florida

Hundreds of people convened on Florida’s Capitol in Tallahassee on Feb. 18 to demand that the state’s leaders honor their right to clean water. Many of them rode for hours on buses from waterfront communities that have suffered heartbreaking episodes of green slime—toxic algae outbreaks sparked by pollution from sewage, manure and fertilizer.


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