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While President Trump tries to roll back America’s efforts to fight climate change, California charts its own path by investing $1 billion to electrify the state’s ports, warehouses, buses and cars.

Squinting into the smog, California utilities have seen the future—and it’s not fossil fuels.

On the same day our nation inaugurated a president deeply entrenched with old fossil fuel interests, three California power companies catapulted their state into the future with a plan for a new clean energy paradigm. It’s one of many signs that California is not only holding the line, but also pushing into new territory to protect the environment and public health.

In a one-two punch to climate, President Trump’s new executive order ends the Interior Department’s moratorium on coal mining and initiates a repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

The new EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, has defied science and common knowledge by claiming that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to climate change. This stance from President Trump’s appointee reflects an administration-wide disregard for climate change and caters to the bottom line of billionaire polluters, rather than protecting our public health.

Former EPA senior advisor Lisa Garcia tells us what we can expect if the Trump administration guts the EPA’s budget.

President Trump is no fan of a clean environment—a fact that is becoming all the more clear as he proposes a wide range of bills meant to water down or gut regulations that protect our environment and public health. Since his inauguration, Trump has nixed the Stream Protection Rule, attacked the Clean Water Rule and seeks to eliminate the Clean Power Plan.


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