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What's happening now:

No one voted for dirtier air and water in the last election. But politicians in Washington, D.C., are now claiming a mandate to gut commonsense safeguards that protect our communities from harm—and in the process, are erasing the very rules that make our democracy work. Our rights are not erasable. Earthjustice is committed to defending safeguards for our health, unique public lands, workplace protections, and civil rights.

Here’s the latest on the fight for our safeguards:
Updated Mar. 16
The Trump Administration released a budget blueprint on Mar. 16 that calls for dramatic cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including environmental justice programs. “The Trump budget deliberately eviscerates enforcement of our environmental laws—which would let many law-breakers operate with little fear of prosecution—and dismantles programs that support our most vulnerable communities from environmental hazards,“ said Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. (Full statement.)
The House of Representatives will be voting during the weeks of March 6 and March 13 on a series of bills that would shut the courthouse door to ordinary people seeking justice in America. The bills include H.R. 906 (forces victims of asbestos exposure and their families to reveal their personal information if they sought financial compensation), H.R. 1215 (targets victims of medical malpractice)—and H.R. 720, which could have a chilling effect on Earthjustice's work and that of civil liberties groups, especially with respect to cases brought on civil rights grounds where there is often little legal precedent. H.R. 720 passed the House (230–188) on Mar. 10. (More on these bills.)
Earthjustice has filed a lawsuit to strike down President Trump’s “False Choices” Executive Order as an unconstitutional overreach. “Imagine ordering dedicated civil servants to trade protections for one community or group of American workers for safeguards to help another,” said Earthjustice Senior Attorney Peter Lehner. “This can’t be our future.” (On the legal challenge.)
On Feb. 28, President Trump signed an executive order ordering the Environmental Protection Agency to dismantle the Clean Water Rule. The EPA is encouraged to replace it with the weakest possible rule that would leave 60% of nation’s streams and millions of acres of wetlands without strong federal protection against toxic pollution. “If the new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Trump try to ignore the law, Earthjustice will continue to challenge them in court to ensure this Administration does not dismantle the basic mission of the EPA: the protection of our health and the environment,“ said Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. Learn more. Take action to defend the Clean Water Rule.
Scott Pruitt was confirmed as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency on Feb. 17, despite his open hostility to air and water protections and his many conflicts of interest. (On Pruitt’s record and how the EPA impacts your life.)
Meanwhile, the 115th Congress is using the Congressional Review Act to destroy newly issued safeguards, bypassing public engagement, scientific research and good governance—and ensuring that “substantially the same” safeguards cannot be issued again without prior Congressional approval. (More on this rarely-used law.)
The BLM Methane Rule is one of the safeguards targeted. (How this critical climate and health standard works.) A vote of disapproval in the Senate could come soon. Call your senators today to defend this safeguard.
The Stream Protection Rule was eviscerated on Feb. 16 under the Congressional Review Act. “This action is a warning shot to each of us—Congress is willing to trade our health and safety for industry profits,” said Jenifer Collins, Associate Legislative Representative at Earthjustice. (Why we needed this safeguard.)
In its first weeks in session, the House passed several bills that could gridlock government agencies, including the “Regulatory Accountability Act.” The bill is now in the Senate. (Learn more)
Earthjustice stands in solidarity with social justice and civil rights groups in supporting the “Build Bridges Not Walls Act” (a bill that would render the President’s Executive Order to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border ineffective) and in response to President Trump’s executive actions to target immigrants and refugees.

We all have a right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. Earthjustice will defend bedrock safeguards for all communities. Join us in taking action as we dig in for these very important fights.