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Your Donation at Work

With so many environmental charities to choose from, it is important to make sure your donations go to a highly effective organization that will use your money wisely and make a real difference in protecting our natural world. For 40 years, Earthjustice has been at the forefront of using the courts to address the most important environmental challenges of our time, and your generous donations will help secure concrete legal victories for generations to come.

Your gift will help Earthjustice safeguard public lands, national forests, parks, and wilderness areas; reduce air and water pollution; prevent toxic contamination; preserve endangered species and wildlife habitat; fight the causes and effects of climate change; and defend the right of all people to a healthy environment.

How Is My Donation Spent?
What are Earthjustice’s Main Goals?
What is Earthjustice’s Strategy for Winning?
Does Earthjustice Have the Capacity to Make a Real Difference?
How Does Earthjustice Measure Its Success?
What Are Some of Earthjustice’s Most Important Victories?

How Is My Donation Spent?

Earthjustice earns top ratings by Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau because 82% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to funding our work protecting the environment. We do not charge our clients and rely on the generosity of foundations and individual donors like you to support our mission.

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What are Earthjustice’s Main Goals?

Earthjustice focuses on three main priorities:

  • preserving our natural heritage
  • safeguarding our health
  • promoting a clean energy future

Learn more about each of these three themes.


What is Earthjustice’s Strategy for Winning?

Earthjustice believes in the power of justice to make a big difference in protecting our environment and advancing the hope and promise of a healthy, sustainable earth by:

  • Using strategic litigation to enforce current laws – and to help create new laws that protect our environment;
  • Tenaciously holding powerful political and economic interests accountable when they jeopardize the health and lives of our earth’s eco-system;
  • Embracing strategic partnerships to take on the complex, long-term environmental issues that impact us all;
  • Motivating others to believe in the power of justice to make a positive impact on our quality of life – for today and for future generations

Earthjustice’s strength starts with our stellar legal talent. Our dedicated attorneys share a passion for the environment and the power of justice. Their legal expertise is demonstrated by their ability to take on and win critical environmental victories in the courtroom. But victories in the courtroom can be overturned in Congress, so Earthjustice employs a team of policy experts in Washington D.C. to ensure that we maintain the strongest laws and regulations to safeguard our environment and public health. Finally, our roster of seasoned campaigners, communicators, and international experts help garner the broad public support needed to win on crucial environmental issues.

Learn more about how Earthjustice works.

Does Earthjustice Have the Capacity to Make a Real Difference?

As the nation’s leading nonprofit environmental law firm, Earthjustice is uniquely qualified to deliver sweeping, on-the-ground results that make a real difference in our environment and our communities. We maintain nine regional offices around the country, along with an international program and a legislative policy team. We have more than 180 employees, including 73 attorneys who collectively handle more than 250 active cases each year. 

Part of Earthjustice’s success comes from our unique ability to leverage our regional offices and build strong, lasting partnerships with organizations and community groups across the country and internationally. Since our founding in 1971, we have represented over 1,000 clients—from small grassroots groups like the Maine Lobstermen’s Association to large national organizations like the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association—always without charge. Our ability to form and lead strong coalitions enables us to tackle major environmental problems that require extensive resources and time.

Thanks to the generous support of tens of thousands of individuals and generous foundations, Earthjustice also has the financial where-with-all to not only take on major legal cases but to also stick with them until we win.

Learn more about our staff and regional offices, as well as our partners, clients, and coalitions.

How Does Earthjustice Measure Its Success?

A victory in court is a meaningful indicator of success.  But many of our cases have a significant impact even if they are never argued in court, such as when government agencies decide to follow environmental rules under the threat of an Earthjustice lawsuit. We also measure the value of our work by the extent to which it promotes changes in government policy, such as when strong environmental regulations are put in place thanks to the work of our policy team in Washington, D.C.

Earthjustice has scored countless legal victories protecting public lands such as Zion National Park from unsound development.

The level of public interest and commentary generated around key issues provides another indicator of our impact since an engaged citizenry is crucial to solving the most challenging environmental problems. We also review the extent to which our work encourages and supports grassroots organizing, introduces groundbreaking ideas to the courts, and expands the rule of environmental law in the US and in countries where we have active partnerships with local organizations.

What Are Some of Earthjustice’s Most Important Victories?

Every year, Earthjustice attorneys win numerous cases that have far-reaching impacts on the well-being of our natural world. These victories provide much needed support for nonprofits and community groups around the country.

Learn more about our most recent victories.

Visit our new interactive feature page highlighting some of Earthjustice’s most important legal accomplishments.