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May 10, 2013 | Blog Post

Drillers Make a Play for Thompson Divide

There is no dispute that the Thompson Divide—a 220,000-acre forested wildland in western Colorado—is a special place. It comprises some of the most valuable and diverse mid-elevation forested landscapes in Colorado and includes the headwaters of streams that sustain the Crystal, Roaring Fork and North Fork valleys.

May 9, 2013 | In the News: Aspen Times

Appeals filed over Thompson Divide plan

Earthjustice has filed an appeal challenging the suspension of twenty-five drilling leases in Colorado’s Thompson Divide. The suspension would extend the amount of time that oil and gas companies can hold on to leases without active drilling instead of allowing the leases to expire as originally scheduled. The leases cover more than 30,000 acres, and drilling would damage both habitat and local communities.

May 1, 2013 | In the News: Environment News Service

Petition to human rights commission says Canada must reduce soot emissions

The Arctic Athabaskan Council has filed a petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights declaring that Canada’s failure to adequately regulate black carbon emissions is infringing on the rights of indigenous people. Black carbon releases fine particulate matter, or soot, into the atmosphere that absorbs heat and accelerates Arctic warming. The ensuing climate changes significantly hinder indigenous lifestyles, and the petition requests a review and report with recommendations for regulation to the Canadian government.