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The Wild

The Latest On: The Wild

May 20, 2012 | Video

Thomas Friedman, on Biodiversity

Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen interviews New York Times columnist and bestselling author Thomas L. Friedman on taxing biodiversity.

May 17, 2012 | Blog Post

Born To Be Wild Once More

Home on the range, where the deer and antelope play? Forget about it. How about buffalo (yeah, I know they’re really bison).

After years of dreaming about getting one of the original Americans back out on the prairie where they belong, we’re a big step closer to seeing it happen.

May 15, 2012 | Blog Post

1 Million Voices: Protect Our Arctic Ocean

On a muggy summer Tuesday morning, polar bears, a walrus, a sandpiper and 150 activists delivered to White House more than one million comments from concerned members of the public—all asking President Obama to stop plans by Shell Oil to drill in the remote, fragile waters of the Arctic Ocean.

May 11, 2012 | Audio

On Thin Ice: Ice Melt in the Arctic

Associate Editor Jessica Knoblauch reports on the record-breaking ice melt occurring in the Arctic. As Arctic temperatures increase, research suggests that warmer waters could shift weather patterns elsewhere, bringing more extreme weather to the United States.