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Victory for the public trust doctrine and native Hawaiian rights.
Big business can't buy the right to dirty air.

Army Corps of Engineers nationwide permits protected by federal court.

Future uses of vinclozolin in Oregon must meet strict guidelines
More than seven years of litigation result in denial of takings claims
The Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, has suspended a controversial EPA plan to weaken rules that apply to old power plants, refineries, and other facilities.
Snowmobile use restricted in Yellowstone as damaging to park life and visitors.
The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has issued new rules to protect farmworkers from poisoning by pesticides, in response to an Earthjustice lawsuit.

Court Halts Export of Nine Toxic Ships As Four Are Greeted by Protests

San Francisco Ruling Could Apply Everywhere
May result in restrictions on swordfish fishery to protect endangered sea turtles
The Environmental Protection Agency, facing a lawsuit, agrees to regulate diesel pumps in the San Joaquin Valley.
Swordfishing Threatening Protected Turtles
Public outcry causes reconsideration
EPA agrees to review national standards for soot and smog pollution levels and strengthen them if appropriate.