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The Columbia-Snake River Basin is witnessing the biggest sockeye salmon returns since at least 1938. The increases in spill, won by Earthjustice attorneys, helps many more baby salmon survive their epic migrations from mountain streams to the sea where they grow to adulthood.
County's acceptance of Environmental Impact Statement is invalidated
Public input now allowed in response to commercial groundfishermen lawsuit
Finalizes FOIA lawsuit settlement after months of government stalling
NRC staff ordered to analyze non-nuclear technologies, alternate sites
Court settlement calls for EPA to set emission standards for 28 industries
Earthjustice was born amid the national passion that marked the first Earth Day in 1970 and launched the modern environmental movement. Since then, mostly through legal efforts, we've scored hundreds of victories on behalf of the environment. Here are 40 of our proudest accomplishments.
Polluter industries continue to wage baseless attacks on EPA's global warming finding
Agency to propose new standards that bar unethical and unscientific research
Next step: Corps should end the destructive dumping of mining waste in our nation's waters
In crucial vote, Senate refuses to give big polluters a bailout
Agency announcement represents 180-degree turn from previous administration
In 2007, Earthjustice successfully opposed Florida Power and Light's proposal to build what would have been America's largest coal-fired power plant. Two years later, the utility announced plans to harness a different kind of energy: solar.

Important protections for the nation's most-endangered wildlife, such as the grizzly bear, salmon and manatee, were restored when the Obama administration repealed an eleventh-hour Bush rule allowing federal agencies to skip consulting with wildlife experts on many federal projects.

A controversial oil and gas lease sale pushed by the Bush administration has been halted.