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Biological Opinion violates ESA and fails to consider impact of Snake River dams

The high court says that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and that EPA has authority to regulate tailpipe emissions.

A federal judge in West Virginia has ruled that the practice of dumping the rubble into streams from blown up mountaintops violates the Clean Water Act.

To justify an increase in logging on steep slopes in the Northwest, the Forest Service ignored advice from leading scientists including some from the Fish and Wildlife Service.

An attempt by the Bush administration to remove wildlife protection and exclude the public from forest-management decisions is rejected.

An attempt by irrigators to overturn minimum flows for salmon is rejected.

Forest Service must rewrite land management plan, accept comments
Court finds Bush administration misrepresented views of key scientists
Statement from Earthjustice attorney Howard Fox, who argued the case at the appeals court level.
Klamath Water Users efforts to deny fish water fails
Bottom trawl industry's attempt to ignore bycatch regulations fails
Challenge to West Virginia mines will affect dozens of pending mining permits in Appalachia
The primary zone of the California Delta is truly the heart of the state. This western watershed for the Sierra Nevada mountains is home to a multitude of wildlife and family farms, it also provides drinking water to millions of Californians. A recent proposal to allow 162 units of housing within this zone at Clarksburg was successfully challenged by Earthjustice and a coalition of local residents.