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Ninth Circuit tells Fish and Wildlife Service to rethink its decision
Judge finds fault with landmark habitat plan
Army must prepare supplemental EIS that considers alternate locations

The beautiful, and gravely endangered, Colorado River cutthroat trout has a chance at survival after a judge tells the Bush administration to obey the law.

Court overturns government refusal to consider threats to rare wilderness species
Decision supports conservationists, blocks attempt to further weaken stream and wetland protection
Tells them we cannot afford another failed salmon plan
Ruling finds Interior shortchanged environmental protection for Teshekpuk Lake; September 27 lease sale postponed indefinitely
Decision affects 20,000 acres of prime deer and elk habitat
Almost 50 million acres of national forests and grasslands once again protected
Judge tosses Bush administration decision denying trout protection as threatened or endangered species
Decision could save the internationally significant wildlife habitat
Voters allowed to consider initiative on cruise ships

A federal court granted a temporary restraining order that limits expansive mining at several mountaintop removal mines currently being challenged by environmental groups in Appalachia