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Toxic chemicals in clean-up plans signal need for stronger oversight
Judge says government plan doesn’t do enough to protect San Pedro River, endangered species
Final judgment reinstates rule protecting intact forests while allowing hydropower, transmission lines, and mining to proceed
Feds spell out actions the utility must take to reduce seabird deaths and injuries
Ferry options not properly considered
Strikes down water diversion permits for Shasta and Scott rivers
Drilling wastes will be safely disposed
First step to securing cleaner water for 750,000 people
Ongoing revelations about company's deceptions around coal export mega-terminal size dogged application
Great news for emerging economy based on wildland restoration, fishing, and tourism
Utilities ordered to suspend work on PATH
Health protections will modestly reduce dangerous emissions
Old growth trees protected as thinning moves forward
Rules balance environmental protection with industry development
Settlement means fewer loggerheads will be hooked by deadly longlines