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Mineral King—the Sierra "birthplace" of Earthjustice and of environmental law—is one of many wild places across the nation that were granted wilderness status on March 25 by Congress, freeing them from the threat of degradation by development.
The Rogue River in Oregon is running free for the first time in 88 years—thanks to Earthjustice. Attorney Mike Sherwood tells how this dam removal is just part of the larger effort to restore salmon and steelhead runs throughout the West Coast.
In dramatic victories for conservation, the governments of British Columbia and Montana have signed an agreement to ban all mining and energy development on public lands in the transboundary North Fork of the Flathead River valley.
Move comes after pesticide makers refuse to take steps to protect salmon
New rules will dramatically cut toxic air pollution, but potential exemptions leave many communities vulnerable
Developers will need to supplement decades-old review

Toxic mercury, arsenic and dioxins emissions to be reduced

Coal- and oil-fired power plants will lose Bush-era exemption
Court's decision marks final step in closing dirty air loophole
Requires developer to supplement 25 year old environmental review
Local civic association sued city in 2008 over clean-up delays

Cuts in particulates will prevent up to 1,600 premature deaths every year

Victory marks third time public opposition blocked project

Grizzly bear, bull trout habitat at stake