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Court rules to restrict motorized off-road vehicles
Board holds projects need full evaluation of “oil spill risks, increase in rail and vessel traffic, and location of expanded facilities in areas of known natural resource and cultural sensitivity.”
BLM plan designated thousands of miles of ORV routes, placing iconic western landscapes at risk
State utilities commission amps up energy storage technology
Better monitoring of fisheries required
State board to halt oil projects
Health, clean energy and clean air advocates applaud Kansas Supreme Court decision on Sunflower coal expansion
West Coast marine mammals continue to be harmed by deafening underwater noise
Marbled murrelets, a unique coastal bird, and their old-growth forest habitat will remain protected
Judge agrees water from Trinity River needed to prevent another fish kill disaster on lower Klamath
Tough court settlement sets the bar for fracking wastewater in PA
Litigation settlement also requires greater transparency in permit review
Puget Sound’s majestic Southern Residents targeted but prevail
Victory for cultural and historical sites in an important national monument