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Victory for roadless areas came after objections by Earthjustice
Bush administration ignored US environmental requirements for US-owned electricity plants built to feed US grid
Attempt to hijack the Defense Appropriations Bill fails

Streams need proper flows for habitat and taro farming

A sneaky effort to allow private companies to mine on public lands without paying a royalty to the taxpayer fails to make it into the 2006 Budget Reconciliation Bill.
Grazing reductions on National Monument defended
State withdraws Weiss Highway claim
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been forced to reconsider its denial of Endangered Species protection for this imperiled species.

Future oil and gas development strategies will go through environmental impact analysis

Judge Downes determines Army Corps' CBM wastewater storage permit is illegal.

A hastily drawn biological opinion, issued under pressure from the former governor's office, cannot survive the light of day.

Order to release information is a major victory for citizen oversight of biopharmaceutical experiments.
California prides itself on being the nation's breadbasket, the supplier of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other agricultural products to the country and the world. But the San Joaquin Valley, where many of these crops are grown, has the worst air pollution of any comparable area in the country. Western Press Secretary Brian Smith recounts how a unique coalition came together to fight for cleaner air.
Costa Rican courts issue injunction against construction projects in critical leatherback nesting habitat.

Court ruling rejects US Fish & Wildlife Service's approval of Rock Creek Mine.