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Court ruling rejects Wyoming's deadly wolf management plan

David Baron is an attorney in Washington, DC, who spends much of his time battling to force the federal government to obey laws enacted to clean up (and keep clean) the air and water we all depend on.

Tougher pollution standards for farms, ranches near Lake Okeechobee

Court affirms state environmental agency must enforce clean water law
Greenways and trails will help students learn about conservation
Settlement will provide protection and monitoring for turtle nesting sites
Agency overestimated demand for timber
Conservation easement and future habitat protection will protect vanishing species
An endangered tropical bird gets a chance to recover when critical habitat is established
Following vociferous public outcry and a threatened lawsuit by Earthjustice, the Forest Service does the right thing
A federal judge rules that conservation requires "recovery," not just "survival"
An Earthjustice suit forces NMFS to acknowledge the impact of longline fisheries on the Hawai`i population of false killer whales.

Juvenile salmon on the Columbia and Snake rivers have a greater chance of surviving into adulthood, thanks to action by Earthjustice.

A March 2004 settlement requires the military to stop conducting prescribed burns at Makua Military Reservation and to complete their consultation with the USFWS in an effort to protect native Hawaiian cultural sites and endangered plants and animals.
Large farming operation to pay for damages to swamp and nature center caused by their irrigation runoff.