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A judge has tossed out a biological opinion where political considerations prevailed over science.

The Florida Public Service Commission refuses to approve a permit for a huge new coal-fired power plant near the Everglades.

An industry attempt to overturn tough ozone regulations is rejected by the DC Court of Appeals.

A federal judge rules that an attempt to classify some incinerators as boilers is illegal.

National Park will get support defending against county bulldozing
Federal judge rules that backpumping polluted water poses public health threats and orders water district to obtain federal clean water permits
Declaration reiterates Clean Water Act intent to protect our streams and rivers from pollution

A judge in Seattle rules that counting hatchery salmon when considering Endangered Species Act listings is illegal.

Federal court sets aside controversial Bush administration policy on endangered salmon runs
Decision will require protective controls for toxic emissions from waste burners
Earthjustice fends off Wyoming assault on Clinton-era law
Court shoots down EPA, industry appeals of 2006 ruling that weak agency smog rule violates Clean Air Act
State takes a major step towards protecting against harmful global warming pollution
Legal challenge keeps recycling jobs in the U.S.
Mining company proposed to destroy Alaskan lake and eviscerate the Clean Water Act