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Court overturns decision to deny trout protection in lower Columbia River and southwest Washington
Groups say delta water project operations must protect water supply for fish and people
State designates the "Four Waters" of Maui for public management
Global warming on the taxpayer dime? Not so fast.
Army ordered to move quickly to open access to sacred sites in Oahu
Navy must take care in Hawai'i when using sonar
Environmental litigation cited as one of the reasons
Marbled murrelets and old-growth forests remain protected
Injunction issued in Hawai`i case
Decision could save millions of birds killed each year in tower collisions
EPA violated the law by evading required power plant mercury reductions

Old growth forest habitat protected -- for now

Massey Energy, a major player in mountaintop removal mining, must pay $20 million in fines for Clean Water Act violations

Coal mining company forced to pay $20 million in fines for over 4,600 Clean Water Act permit violations